Saturday, January 2, 2016

Arc Review: To Have And To Master by Sparrow Beckett

Although this could be read as a standalone I recommend starting from the very beginning to get to know the characters.

In the previous book we learn that Konstantins grandmother wants him to marry and has arranged a marriage for him from his hometown in Russia. Although he has never met her he does have a picture of the woman who shall be his wife.

This story begins with Konstantin in Russia meeting his soon to be wife, Varushka for the first time. Varushka is impressed on how good looking and wealthy he is but as they get to know one another quickly she becomes entranced not only with him but in the world he belongs to.

When i started this I wasn't really sure what to think about this relationship that was growing. I like how Konstantin took the time to explain things to her, take her shopping and get her settled into to America. Varushka is a sweet innocent virgin that is learning what Konstantin likes. Little by little she discovers it is also what she likes and of course she wants to please her master.

This story had some humor added in. One of my favorite parts is when he comes home from being away on business to find chickens in his backyard. That scene is so cute and funny. They way the authors wrote this had me feeling like I was there looking on while this all played out.

The sex doesn't come right away which is fine with me because these two are entertaining enough without it. But when it does come all I have to say is wow! These two characters have a great chemistry for an arranged marriage and I'm truly glad it works out.

I really enjoyed seeing the other characters and them all hanging out and getting along. The guys give each other a hard time and the girls are pretty funny. While the relationship is growing between Konstantin and Varushka she is also making friends.

There isn't much drama in this story which was nice. The only issue is that Varushkas father has changed his mind and doesn't want her to marry him but to find out why you'll have to pick up this book.

Overall I have enjoyed not only this book but the previous books in this new series. We also meet a new character who knew Konstantin when he was younger and it looks like he will be getting a story. Hopefully we will continue to hear from the characters that started this series out.

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