Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Arc Review: Come On Closer by Kendra Leigh Castle

Come On Closer (Harvest Cove, #4)Come On Closer by Kendra Leigh Castle

In the past few days I have read a few books but I have to say this was one of my favorite. Castle is a new author to me and I was not only impressed with her writing style but the way the story flowed. I was never bored and it kept me entertained all the way until the end.

Larkin is a baker and has her own shop. She has been crushing on Shane for awhile but she doesn't want to get involved with him because of his player past. Although they come from different lifestyles Larkin is going to give this bad boy a chance to win her heart.

Shane is used to being the love em and leave em type but after meeting Larkin and growing up he has changed. He finally convinces Larkin to take a chance on him and quickly wants to spend every moment with her until families come into the mix. His. Hers. Can they make it work in the end?

I absolutely loved this story. I loved both Larkin and Shane. Castle started these two off as good friends but still getting to know one another before they even went into the relationship territory which was more fun and exciting. Shane was an amazing character and was super sweet with some of things he did. They were little things but wow he even won me over with them.

I liked Larkin and her style. She was fun, sweet and just wanted the best for Shane and his future. She was so in sync with him not enjoying being a lawyer and wanted him to do what made him happy. They absolutely were a great couple and the more I read the more I was hoping for an engagement at the end which normally I don't do.

Castle included some cute, fun and flirty dialogue that balanced out the emotional issues that both of these characters had to deal with. There are some sex scenes but they weren't overly done.

The town of Harvest Cove with filled with amazing friends and wonderful characters. I was actually disappointed that this book had to end and even more disappointed that I never heard of this amazing series before now.

I can honestly say I will be going back to the very beginning to meet these wonderful people and fall in love with the Harvest Cove series from the beginning. A must read for 2016!

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