Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Arc Review: Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

Take Me Home Tonight (Rock Star Romance, #3)Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviews are about being honest go here it goes... I actually put off reading this book for a few weeks and since I just finished it I have to wonder why I did that in the first place?!? I actually really enjoyed it and finished it in one sitting.

This is my first book by Kelly and while reading it the first thing that jumped out at me was her voice. The writing and dialogue just came naturally. Immediately I knew this book was going to be unique and different then other rock star romance novels that have been released.

Now I didn't read the first two books in this series but once I get some time I will definitely have to rectify that. One thing I loved is that while reading I didn't feel lost. The characters are all close and you pretty much get a glimpse into what the characters dealt with in the previous books.

I really did like no scratch that loved all the characters. Calix (love that name) is doing everything in his power to keep his family together by basically putting his life on hold. Three years ago his younger brother passed away and he blames himself. While filling in for playing keyboards he meets Mimi who is there personal chef. He doesn't date but there is something about Mimi that has him opening up and willing to try just for her.

Mimi graduated but has yet to find a job. She was hoping her father would hire her but that hasn't happened yet. While filling in as a personal chef for Blue Fire she decides to enter a cooking competition kinda like chopped but the problem is she has no real training. Calix offers to help her and these two become very close.

I really liked Mimi. She was smart, open and funny. If she was a real person I could see being friends with her. Calix was a bit more complicated but I love how he opened up. He was strong, determined and yet had this side of him that he kept hidden.

The relationship between the two main characters doesn't start off strong but as the story begins to unfold they become closer and each other's confidant. Kelly wrote some seriously hot sex scenes but they weren't just hot some turned sweet. You could tell by those special moments that these two had it bad for one another.

I'm looking forward to reading the previous books and hoping there will be more in this series. This book should be on everyone's TBR pile.

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