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Arc Review: Best of My Love by Susan Mallery

Best of My Love (Fool's Gold)Best of My Love by Susan Mallery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know I have said other books in this series have been my favorite and while that is true I have to say this might be my most favorite one to date. Mallery is back with another fantastic addition to the Fools Gold series!

Shelby came to Fools Gold 2 years ago after her mother passed away from cancer and her father was sent to prison for being abusive. Now she has a new life filled with great friends, a career on the rise and town that she loves. The only thing missing is love and trust from someone other then her brother and friends. It's time for Shelby to learn to trust and Aidan is the one for the job.

Aidan loves his job and sometimes maybe a little too much. He has some rules about women such as only hooking up with tourists and definitely not getting involved with the locals since he doesn't want to be stuck. But when Shelby proposes a friendship to help them get over there issues he thinks it's a great idea until he starts noticing her more. Can Aidan finally change his ways?

I really loved the plot of this story. Both characters clearly have some issues that need to be worked on but when Shelby suggests them becoming friends and nothing else I was drawn in. Although for them it's a bit awkward at first these two characters fall into a easy friendship that works both ways.

Shelby and Aidan switch on and off on doing a girls get together and a guys get together which I thought was smart on both parts. They each get to learn more about each other and it helps them learn more about the opposite sex. They play pool, have margaritas and open up, play Texas hold 'em and attended a baby shower. I thought that the way Mallery wrote those parts was unique and very creative.

I enjoyed the build up of when these two would finally get together. Majority of the book is them just being friends which I just really loved. These two end up sharing some pretty hot kisses and they have such great chemistry it was only a matter of time before things start to take off.

It was also great catching up with the town and revisiting with the characters from the previous books. They are such a tight town and I love it. If I could move to Fools Gold I definitely would. By reading a story from this series it's like going home to visit some old friends and it never gets old.

Aidan has some more brothers that no longer live here but I am hoping they will return and have books of there own in the future.

This is a must read for May 2016!

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