Saturday, January 2, 2016

Arc Review: Outside The Lines by Lisa Desrochers


This book I felt was definitely more of a suspense then a romance since the romance doesn't really come alive until about half way. With that being said I think this series has some great potential.

Rob entered his four younger siblings in witness protection after someone broke into there family home to kill them. Now with his father in prison it's up to him to find out who has the hit on his family and figure out how to keep distance between him and a sexy school teacher.

Adri knows Rob isn't telling the whole truth on who he is or why is younger brother hardly speaks but there attraction is off the charts. She must decide if he's worth saving or if she should let it go but the closer they become the more she can't let him go.

This series starts off with a hit on the family and needless to say it's not finished in this book and will pick up in the second book. Normally I like when stories finish but I'm so glad this one is keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Of course this story has romance but it also has action, adventure and a very real threat. Knowing who trust has gone out the window and when death becomes very real it's time for this family to wonder if they should leave their old life forever and start over or go back and finish this war.

I love how Rob and Ardi walk around there attraction to one another. They don't just fall into bed which is nice but Rob actually wants to take her out which isn't normal for him since he has had his share of hookers and celebrities.

I loved wondering what would happen and how Desrochers would have this book end. Lee is next and it seems like a certain FBI agent has a crush! Yippee!! Can I just say I'm dying to see what happens with this family and what's next for them?

The story ends with things a little uncertain for this family but it has 3 more adult siblings to make it more interesting.

Will they stay in witness protection or will they finally go back to what they grew up around? I'm excited to see where this series goes!

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