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Review: Entangled Trio by Cat Grant

"Renowned mezzo-soprano Colette DuPlessis is carrying on a torrid affair with her costar, handsome young tenor David Lewis. David wants Colette as more than just a short-term fling, but she must return home to Paris-and her husband, conductor Aleksandr Petrovsky.

Though she and Aleks have an open marriage, Colette vows never to see David again. But when her new costar cancels right before opening night, she has no choice but to suggest David as a replacement.

It doesn't take long before Aleks notices the amazing chemistry sizzling between David and his wife-and realizes he's attracted to the gorgeous young singer himself. He and Colette quickly make it their mission to seduce him.

The three of them explore the far reaches of pain and pleasure. But Colette and David both soon learn they must guard their hearts closely, or risk losing themselves within this entangled trio."

ebook, 112 pages
Published February 18th 2011 by Ellora's Cave
primary language English
Cat Grant brings you a hot, sexy menage that will have you just wanting more and your toes curling to crawl next to these swoon worth males. Without giving anything away this book is hot!!
Colette is the Diva of the Opera World. Not only is she talented but very sexual. She meets David and starts a fling with him. She doesn't feel bad because well her husband is okay with it all when they are apart and he is off doing the same thing. Colette just so happens to be submissive with her husband but very dominate with David. Colette's husband Alesksandr was not only well written, but swoon worthy for sure! All the characters were well written. The sex scenes were not just hot, but they had a spark to them. I know they lit my fire.
The story actually had a plot. I will say although I wasn't a fan of the opera plot but it all fit together really well.  I will say its not that I didn't really like the plot its just that I couldn't connect with it like some other people might. I have never seen an opera but I would be will going if the hubby would take me just to get that experience. Then I could for see this appealing to me much more.

I just wish this Novella had way more pages, but its a novella so I understand. I just thought there were so many more details I would have wanted throughout the book. Overall a super great, hot read! Cat Grant not only brings you some good sex, but she also brings love and friendship into the mix. I am for sure looking forward to reading some more Cat Grant books in the future. Happy Reading.



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Guest Post with Nico Rosso and his first time at RT2011

Today I want to welcome Author Nico Rosso. *waves* Hi Nico I am so Happy to have you stop by today. I saw all the amazing pictures from RT2011.  I know your a newly published author so what was your first time like?

Every year the RT Booklovers Convention brings together published authors, readers, aspiring writers, agents, editors and anyone else interested in romance novels and their many sub-genres.  My wife, author Zoë Archer, has attended a few of these conventions (known simply as RT) in the past and I’d heard the stories (some of which will never be spoken again).  So, being a newly published romance author myself, and because RT was in my home town of Los Angeles this year, I had to attend.

I was lucky enough to score a day-pass by manning the table for the Southern California RWA chapters, but my real RT experience began the night before, in one of the many hotel bars in the Westin Bonaventure.  I met with my super-cool Liquid Silver publisher, Tina Burns, as well as a bunch of other authors, editors and cover designers.  First hand, I experienced what makes the romance writing/reading community so unique.  Many of these people had known each other for years, but I was immediately welcomed.  That’s how it works; because the romance genre is so positive, the people who are involved in it are filled with that kind of energy.

And they can talk really dirty, which is also a ton of fun.

The next day I arrived early at the RWA table in the marketplace room of RT.  The table was covered with swag: bookmarks, notepads, pens and many other giveaways that authors created.  It was a good showing, representing authors from San Diego all the way up to Los Angeles.  I met Linda O. Johnston, the other writer working the table with me, and together we sat down to watch the parade of people.

Steampunk, business suit, tie-died, women, men, teenagers.  It was a great mix.  And the best part of the day came at the very end.  A somewhat dazed young woman came up to the table, with what looked like a thousand questions waiting to be asked.  She explained that she had just had a conversation with an editor about a book she was working on and the editor wanted to meet her the next morning for a pitch.  “How do I pitch?” was the first question.

Now, I’ve only had one novella published (sci-fi Romance Taken to the Limit), but I have a lot of opinions.  Linda O. Johnston has written everything from cozy mysteries to Harlequin Nocturnes.  We were also joined by Christine London, who has extensive experience writing e-books.  And here’s this young woman, taking out her notepad and trying to take in everything we think she’ll need for the pitch.

I’m surprised she still had ink in her pen when she left us.  I ran into her later during RT and she said the pitch went well and she learned a lot more about what her book needed.  And because it’s the romance community, there will always be someone to help her answer those questions.

As RT was wrapping up, people were already making plans for next year’s convention in Chicago. I totally understood why. Once you go, you need to come back.  I’m hooked and I’ll hopefully see you there next year. 

Sounds like an awesome time!!  I am already trying to make some plans and prepare myself for RT2012 in Chicago. I am so excited so yes I hope I see you there as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story with us. :)

You can find Nico Rosso Here:

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Winners .....

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Guest Post: Ava Riley & her favorite Easter memory plus **Giveaway**

Today I want to Welcome Author Ava Riley on the blog. Hi Ava *waves* I am so happy to have you hear today. I have so many Easter memories, but my question for you is what is one of your favorite memories of Easter?

Hi all, my name is Ava Riley, author of erotica and paranormal romance.   

Happy Easter to everyone!  Chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.  That’s usually what I think of when I think of Easter.  It wasn’t usually a big holiday for me, not until about nine years ago when I had my first child.  That’s when I really got into celebrating it.  As I think back to one of my favorite Easters, I would have to say it would be when my kids were two and three.  It was the first time they both really enjoyed the egg coloring and hunting.  The joy on their faces after finding that first hidden egg is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind.  Of course, after five times of hiding eggs I was a little tired of the eggs.  

With that being said, on April 6th, my first novel A Lifetime to Find Love was released by Lazy Day Publishing.  To find out more about the love shared between Tessa and Cade, visit  I am giving away two free copies (pdf format) to the two best Easter memories.  Oh what the hell, or the hottest picture you can find (it doesn’t have to be Easter related; just one that makes my mouth water LOL).   

Please post your comments or pics here on Lush Reviews site. I will be back checking and picking 2 lucky winners. 

This makes me think of Easter, okay, not really but I’d like to find this in my Easter basket.


You can find Ava at :

Thank you so much for stopping by Ava and the awesome giveaway. Keep those sexy books and men coming my way. LOL And Happy Easter to you and your family =D

So you heard it two copies get a new home. So what is your favorite Easter memory. Let Ava know all about it. Good Luck ;)

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Review: Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

"Dale loves women, and they love him. His love life is a revolving door. No one special, no one stays, except Lauren, his best friend. She's a sweet, beautiful, talented woman. His rock, the steadying influence in his life. So why is he starting to see her differently? Where are these lustful thoughts coming from? Guys don't sleep with their best friends. Lauren has loved Dale for five years, from the moment she saw him. She loves his smile, his walk, his deep, sexy voice. But he isn't in love with her. She's his pal, his confidant. Until one hot, steamy night."

Paperback, 264 pages
Published April 30th 2004 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 141995041X (ISBN13: 9781419950414)

Let me start off by saying I really adored this book. I haven't had the chance to read a lot of books by Shiloh Walker but the ones I have read have been excellent. And this one showed me just another reason reason why I should be reading more of her work and believe me I will be doing just that.

Lauren has loved Dale for years unfortunately Dale just sees her as his best buddy. Until one night Lauren goes over to check on him and finds him drunk. They have sex ,but Lauren is left crushed when he says another woman's name.

I found this not only to be a moving story but one that will keep you on your toes. Its not only about friendship ,but love and some really tough decisions for not only one person but both parties that are involved. 

Shiloh Walker gives you a plot that grabs your attention once you start reading this fantastic story. It never had a dull moment. It also has some steamy sex but that is not that whole book and I think that is why I loved this story so much. It was much more than sex... way more than sex. I loved the whole girl in love with best friend and best friend has no idea plot.

Lauren and Dale's story hit me straight in the heart. Its about real people with everyday problems, love and being there for your friends. It had some real emotions. Hell it even had me thinking that if I were in Lauren's shoes what would I have done. I loved putting myself in that scenario because you never really know what you would do. Well, at least I wouldn't.
The other day I had spent some time on twitter in the DMs talking with Shiloh's Assistant (Nicole) about books that I must read or what I have read. This one didn't come up, but she had me so interested I wanted to read something she wrote earlier. Needless to say as you can tell I loved this story. It makes me want to go buy every book she has ever written. To be honest I am sure that day will come soon and I am welcoming it with open arms and an open check book. *giggles* although hubby might not be on board with this plan, but who cares. Her books are like crack. Once you open them you wont be able to put them down!! So Thank You Nicole for introducing me to Crack! LOL
This is truly one of the best love stories I have read to date. I absolutely loved Lauren and Dale!!!! A wonderful book from start to finish. Her best friends lover will for sure be added to my re-read pile for the future. In fact I might have to re-conquer it soon but then again it wont come soon enough. Needless to say I loved loved loved ( i think i have said that a ton). Shiloh Walker is on the auto buy list now and I know I wont be disappointed. I can only hope if she isn't on your auto buy list you should be adding her because from what I read she will never disappoint you.

The Winners of Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger are....

The Winners of Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger are:

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Guest Post: Wabbit Trouble A Sinners’ Easter Story & Giveaway by Olivia Cunning

 Wabbit Trouble  A Sinners’ Easter Story

Sed squeezed to stand between Jessica’s chair and the dining table. He leaned against the table’s edge in front of her and crossed his arms over his chest. Her stack of books blocked, Jessica looked up at him, her jade green eyes wide in question.
“You’re taking the day off,” he told her.
She shook her head. “I can’t, Sed. I have paper to write. Finals in three weeks. The sexual harassment lawsuit I’m working on. And I need to study for the bar exam.”
“All work and no play makes me a bored guy. One day off won’t hurt. You’ve been studying nonstop since I got home last week.”
“You’re sitting on my book.” She tried yanking the book from beneath his butt, but he refused to budge. These books were getting far more attention than he was.
“It’s a library book.”
She lifted both brows at him and shook her head. “You’re naked.”
“I’m surprised you noticed.”
“Do you even know what today is?”
“Sunday,” she said.
“Easter Sunday.”
“So, we’re going to my parents’ house. My mom planned this huge family get-together and she said she’s expecting us at one o’clock. I haven’t seen any of my family since Christmas.”
Jessica rubbed her forehead and scowled. “You know I love your family, baby, but I really need to stay here and study. Why don’t you go without me? I’ll be fine here by myself.”
“I’m not going without you,” he said.
“I can’t go. It’s not that I don’t want to—”
There was only one way to get this woman to agree to anything. Kiss her senseless. He leaned close and brushed his lips against hers.
“Sed, I have to—“
He kissed her again, brushing his tongue over her upper lip as he drew away.
“—get this—”
He kissed her again and stifled a grin when her arms wrapped around his body. Her hands slid up his back and he shuddered. If she was trying to fend off his attempts at seduction, she knew better than to touch his back. Especially when he was already naked. He drew her from the chair and pressed her against the length of his body.
“Okay,” she gasped. “One quickie, but then I have to get back to studying.”
He nibbled her ear. “That’s not the correct answer,” he said.
“It’s not?”
“No, the correct answer is: I’ve been working too hard and ignoring my sexy fiancé. I know this family ordeal means a lot to him, so I’m going to take a break from studying for a few hours before I forget what the sky looks like.”
“Does it really mean that much to you?” she asked.
She smiled and cupped is face in both hands. “Fine, I’ll go, but no complaints out of you tonight. I’ll have to stay up late studying and that means…”
His nose crinkled with displeasure. “No sex.”
“Baby, you’re going to wear yourself out.” And he wasn’t just saying that because he wasn’t going to get any tonight. She had dark circles under her eyes and a hollowness to her lovely face that concerned him.
“I’m already worn out, but it’s just a few more weeks. As soon as I pass the bar exam, we’ll go on a vacation somewhere. Just the two of us. And tour all kinds of public places for naughty fun.”
He brushed strands of strawberry blonde hair from her face. “You mean that?”
She smiled up at him. “Yeah, I mean it. I can’t wait.”
“You know I love you, right?”
“Yeah, I know. I love you, too, or there is no way I’d give up a day of studying.”
“We’ll keep the visit short. I don’t want you to miss out on sleep.”
She chuckled and planted a kiss on one of his pecs. “Still no sex tonight, Sed.”
Sed stood in the shade of a tree at the far end of his parents’ perfectly tended lawn. Brightly colored eggs peppered the landscape. The younger members of his extended family—mostly cousins—were congregated on the patio near the sliding glass doors. The young gents were dressed in shorts or suits, with bowties or sweater vests. Most of them swung their Easter baskets around like weapons. A few of them pushed at the little girls (sweet angels in brightly colored sundresses), corralling them closer to the house, to gain some sort of advantage when they were set free on the unsuspecting eggs.
Sed was dressed in… well, he’d rather not think about it. He was sweating as if he’d just performed a six-hour-long concert. The guy Sed’s mother had hired to wear this stifling contraption had suffered from heatstroke for a reason. That guy was now resting comfortably in an air-conditioned hospital room. Sed was not so lucky.
“Are you ready?” Jessica asked.
He had to turn his head to look at her as his peripheral vision was blocked by the thing on his head.
She patted his butt, though he could scarcely feel it through all the padding—the thick, stifling, incredibly hot padding. Dear lord, how had she talked him into this?
“What do I have to get ready for? I just have to stand here and pretend like I laid a bunch of brightly colored eggs, right?”
“They’ll be excited to see you,” Jessica said.
“I’m sweating my ass off.”
“I love you,” she said and protruded her lower lip in a pout.
This was why he was the one wearing the damned rabbit suit instead of her. That and it was designed for a tall man, but not one quite so broad through the shoulders. He somehow managed to hold his giant Easter basket with one fluff-covered oven mitt, but he couldn’t lift his arms. The basket just sort of dangled down around his huge, fluffy feet. At least the guys of his band, Sinners, weren’t around. He’d never live this down in a million years.
The patio door slid open and Sed’s heart sank as his band’s drummer, Eric Sticks, stepped onto the patio. What was he doing here? Tall and lanky, Eric grabbed the nearest kid and proceeded to turn him into a human airplane, complete with all the appropriate flying noises.
Brightly colored eggs forgotten for the moment, the entire group of kids surrounded Eric’s long legs. They all chanted a chorus of, “Me, next. Me, next.”
Sed took a step back to stand behind Jessica, hoping that his fiancée’s beauty would distract Eric and he wouldn’t notice the six-and-a-half-feet tall rabbit (eight feet if you included the ears) near the fence. About halfway through the fourth airplane ride, Sinners’ bassist, Jace Seymour stepped on the patio. He rolled his eyes at Eric and shook his head. “Acting like a kid again?” Undeterred by Jace’s criticism, Eric laughed and deposited a five-year-old in Jace’s arms. Jace held the kid at arm’s length and stared at him as if he wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at or what he should do with it.
“You have an earring like a girl!” the kid declared.
Jace said and set the kid down without so much as a woosh or a shake for turbulence. “I thought Sed was out here,” he said to Eric.
“Do you kids know where your old cousin, Sed, is?” Eric asked, holding a kid perched belly-down on each shoulder as props in his biplane bit.
Sed hoped his white rabbit camouflage would allow him to blend in with the picket fence behind him. Not that it mattered. Twenty-some-odd, child-sized index fingers pointed in his general direction.
Hmm, so apparently his young cousins didn’t believe he was the real Easter bunny after all.
“I didn’t realize the guys were coming,” Jessica whispered apologetically. “Your mom must have invited them.”
Jace stared at Sed in abject horror.
Eric burst out laughing. “Priceless!” He dug his cell phone out of his pocket and started snapping pictures. “Oh yes, this is going on our Facebook page.”
“Eric, don’t you dare,” Sed growled in his most authoritative voice. It didn’t have quite the same affect when echoing around in a giant rabbit head. Sed waddled down the yard, attempting to avoid the eggs on the ground. Not really succeeding at that so well.
“What in the—“ Jace muttered.
“Okay, kids! Go get the eggs!” Eric shouted, using the chaos to distract Sed so he could take more pictures.
“Wait for your parents!” Sed yelled. Too late. A rush of young people darted in Sed’s direction. He was completely surrounded in seconds.
“You’re stepping on my egg!” one of his cousin’s said. Sed couldn’t see which cousin through the little eye holes in his huge, rabbit bubble head.
“Sorry,” Sed said and lifted one furry foot.
“The other foot!”
Something tugged hard on his butt. Or rather, on his adorable fluffy tail. A chorus of giggles drifted up from somewhere around hip level. Sed spun around.
“Get his tail!” Eric said from behind him.
Apparently, yanking on Sed’s tail was a lot more entertaining than hunting for eggs. As was taking a running leap and ricocheting off Sed’s big fluffy bunny arse. Someone grabbed his big fluffy bunny cheeks (the ones on his face) and spun the head of his costume ninety degrees. He couldn’t see a damned thing. He tried to right the costume’s head, but his arms remained trapped at chest level.
“He’s going for the end zone,” rhythm guitarist, Trey Mills’ voice came from his right. Something careened into Sed from the side. “Take down!”
Center of gravity completely off with his bunny legs holding his thighs together, Sed hit the ground hard. Lucky for him, the cushion on his big fluffy bunny hips absorbed the majority of the force.
“I’m gonna kill you guys when I get out of this thing,” Sed growled.
“Rabbit pile!” Brian, lead guitarist of Sinners, yelled.
Oh great, his entire band was witness to his humiliation.
“Omph!” Sed gasped as he was buried beneath a pile of bodies.
“Kill duh wabbit! Kill duh wabbit!” Eric sang in his best Elmer Fudd voice.
They were killing him all right. Sed struggled to rise, but to no avail. He tipped over, trapped on his back like a tortoise in the desert.
“Everyone off Sed,” Jessica said.
Someone grabbed his long, fluffy bunny ears and tugged the head of his costume off. Taking greedy gulps of fresh air, Sed blinked in the bright southern Californian sunshine. Jessica appeared upside down above him.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“Do I look okay?”
She bit her lip, her mouth twisting as she tried not to laugh at him. She snorted instead. She knelt at his head and touched his face with one hand. “You’re all sweaty.”
Several of the kids were climbing up his big bunny pop belly and sliding down the other side.
“I don’t know who gives me more grief: my band, my family, or my woman.”
“You have to admit that was pretty funny,” Eric said.
“You think bullying the Easter bunny on Easter is funny?” Sed asked.
“You’re right,” Eric said, somehow maintaining a straight face. “It’s not funny.”
“It’s hilarious,” Jessica said and burst out laughing.
It was pretty funny. Sed chuckled and shook his head. “I hope you know, this means war. We’ll be back on the road in ten days. The only one who might be safe from retaliation is Jace.”
“He joined in on the rabbit pile,” Brian said and gave Jace a hard shove in the shoulder.
Jace flushed and found what was left of a smashed dandelion-yellow egg in the grass incredibly interesting.
“No one is safe, then,” Sed said. “You guys are going down.”
Jessica leaned over and kissed him. “But not me, right? I saved you.”
“You can make it up to me in other ways,” he suggested.
She claimed his lips for a deeper kiss.
“Ewwww!” one of Sed’s young cousins complained. “Girl germs.”
“Tasty girl germs,” Sed murmured.
Jessica kissed her way along his jaw and whispered in his ear, “I don’t know if it’s the fluffy tail, the long ears, or the big feet, but when I get you home, you are so getting some. Forget studying. I’ll just have to take a B on that paper.”
Sed laughed. “Wow, you must be in the mood.”
“I think I have a previously undiscovered rabbit fetish.”
“Oh really,” Eric said. He retrieved the big bunny head with its freakishly large, violet eyes and put it on. He spread his arms wide and wiggled his hips. “Does this do anything for you, Jess?”
Jessica chuckled. “Sorry, Eric. Sed’s the only wascally wabbit I want.”
“Oh yeah. Sed’s a regular playboy bunny,” Trey said and laughed. “Are your sisters around, Sed? Last year they remembered to save me all their cherry jelly beans and I have a serious craving for some of that.”
“Touch my sisters and you die, Mills.”

Because Olivia Cunning is so Awesome she will be giving away a signed copy of Rock Hard. All you have to do is leave a comment with which Sinner you would want to spend your Easter with and Why?
  •  This contest is only open to U.S. Residents only 

Good Luck

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Review: Keeping Pace by Dee Carney

"One spark could burn her world down.

Six years after her husband’s death, Regina Pace is still just going through the motions, her only pleasure a nightly glass (or three) of wine to dull the ache. Tonight is no exception—until a sensual outdoor encounter with her neighbor’s son, freshly home from college. He’s older, wiser, more devastatingly handsome than she remembered. He’s also fifteen years her junior.

Despite her misgivings, it isn’t long before her nightly ritual includes a long, deep drink of Josh Smith. Ogling leads to touching, then the sparks flare into an erotic encounter that feels wickedly right—and deliciously forbidden.

Yet the intense heat can’t burn away the doubt pestering the back of her mind. That the gap between their ages is too large, even for the most determined leap of faith…"

Published 2011 by Samhain Publishing

Regina likes a glass of wine when she gets home after work and sometimes she mourns her dead husband. This night she was sitting outside and remembering things when something caught her eye and she stumbled across her neighbors son who just happened to be home from college. And can we say what a sight that was for her. 

Now I don't want to giveaway all the goodies but Dee Carney bring you a erotic story about a older woman who gets involved with a younger man. And boy oh boy it will make you drool and pant. Josh is not only a breath of fresh air for her, but has wanted her for a long time. He wants to be the one to make her smile since she is always looking so sad. 
I felt for Regina and what she went through. She is a strong woman but sometimes even the strongest women need a crutch at times. I thought it was not only sweet but sexy of Josh to want to be that for her. A one night stand is never enough. One kiss leads to one touch, but with the chemistry these two have that isn't even close to enough. Although the sex is good these two have to deal with some very real bumps in the road the question is can they make it?

I loved this story till the very end. It had heartache, romance, and some hot lovin. Loved the main characters. Although there were times in the book when I wanted to bitch slap Regina for being stupid with the whole Josh situation, but then again had every right to want to take things slow to see what would happen. I will give it to Josh for wanting to be there for the long hull. At times I felt so bad for him I wanted to hug him. He was generally a really nice guy who cared. 
So after all this I have decided I want my own Josh. A man who can read you for everything you are and want. *dreamy sigh* Regina and Josh weren't perfect but perfect enough for each other. They both taught each other so many things. And the ending will just blow you away. Will Regina start new? or Will she just continue her everyday motions?

Dee Carney brings so many emotions to her books. They are hot and satisfying. You will gobble them up in just one sitting. If you love hot romances with no boundaries you have to read Dee Carney, she is guaranteed to leave you panting and dreaming about all the yummy things you should be doing. I simply couldn't get enough of Regina and Josh.  I hope you enjoy Keeping Pace as much as I did.

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Winners For the Easter Blog Hop are....

Package 1: goes to sniffly kitty

Package 2: goes to pam s

Congratulations ladies I have sent you an email please reply within 48 hours and check your spam folders I wouldn't want you to miss out. Hope to see you on the next hop :-)

Review: Born of Shadows (The League #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Desideria is a Royal Guard sworn to protect her mother and her government. When she uncovers a devious assassination plot, she realizes that desperate times call for desperate messages. To save her mother and herself, she throws herself into the arms of a worldly-wise smuggler. Before long, things heat up in more ways than one. Sexy, sexy, supersexy."

Hardcover, 368 pages
Expected publication: April 25th 2011 by Grand Central Publishing 
0446573256 (ISBN13: 9780446573252)

I don't know if I can express into words how long I have waited for Caillen Dagan's story and OMG  I was as lost as I was when he first was introduced. Now it this is absolutely the gate way drug into the next book (Darling) *dreamy sigh* but I am getting off track but back to the the love of my life from another world.

The latest installment in Sherrilyn Kenyon's The League series is definitely one worth reading. Let me start with what I liked about it. Caillen's story takes us back to the original cast of characters featured in her previous books. There were plenty of great characters in the original group still waiting to be explored, and now Sherrilyn Kenyon is giving me just what I wanted all along.... Caillen Dagan.

Caillen is rouge smuggler who is also so damn charming you want to choke him sometimes. The only women that hold his loyalty are his three sisters. No one can compare to them and he holds them all on the highest of the pedestal. Living  life by the seat of his pants isnt always what is cracked up to be. At the beginning of the story, Caillen is arrested and sentenced to death while taking the blame for something one of his sisters did. Just before he is executed, it's revealed he is actually wll I cant tell because it is a major part of the story (sorry). Caillen isn't really cut out for this other life but is willing to give it all he can.

During the summit that he meets Desideria, a princess from a race of warrior women. When the two of them get framed for the murders of their own parents, they go on the run, while trying to solve the mystery of who set the terrible plan in motion. This happens to bring them wayyyyy closer then was intended. Neither one can believe all the feelings come to the surface.

Ever since I stared this series I have longed and dreamed of this book. Caillen is not only sexy and fun, but his humor kept everything going. Now I wont act like I wasn't disappointed in a few things. Well, for one the sex was kinda missing something. Yeah they had it but it lacked some passion that Kenyon usually brings to the table. Also Kenyon usually writes dark and sexy. I felt this book lacked the dark and sexy. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it all the way to the end but I wasn't left as satisfied as I usually am by reading her books. 

It was great to see the characters again from the first 4 books. You can't help but miss Syn, Sharhara, Nykyrian, Hauk and Darling. The epilogue is set up for Darling's book and I have mentioned how excited I am for that. Although I am a tad confused on that will happen but you have to read this to know why I feel that way. I just hope all the unanswered questions about him are revealed. I am looking forward to continuing the series. Way to go Kenyon! Your books rock!