Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Taken to the Limit (The Limit War, #1) by Nico Rosso

"E.R. Doctor Korina Antonakis thinks she has mastered the chaos of her work and life. In a flash of light, everything changes. A man appears, a soldier from another world. Sergeant Morrow is a Nightfighter, an elite soldier who always battles alone. But he needs an ally on Earth, a doctor. In the dark of night, he opens Korina's eyes to The Limit War. And Earth is on the front lines. More amazing than the interstellar war, is the soldier before her. He is strong and stoic, a veteran, but beneath the armor, Korina finds the heart of a man. And in Korina, Sergeant Morrow finds the soul of a warrior to match his own. Their lives had started light-years apart, but the attraction between them pulls like destiny. Their desire is real, but the enemy needs to be driven from Earth. Can Korina and Sergeant Morrow's passion survive in the Limit War?"

I don't even know where to start.  The one thing I didn't like was the fact it was so short, but hey it is a Novella so that was expected. It just kinda sucked when you feel you are getting sucked in to the story the end is drawing near. Too near to satisfy all your cravings.

Korina is a Doctor in a hospital, when a wounded man and Morrow come in. It's obvious he needs her help, but by doing that it could throw her right in the middle of war. Dusk Warriors attack them in the ER. *gasp* It's too late to go back and it is far too late to pretend nothing has happened between them. They never said saving the world was going to easy. 

Korina and Morrow have an instant attraction to each other the second they meet. I liked that Korina was a strong female character and that was a big plus. Believe me Morrow takes notice of that immediately as well as the soldier that is inside him. Morrow never attempts to keep her out of danger with the Alpha male attitude that she must be protected when things start to get a little messy. Korina is for sure a strong female who is capable of taking care of herself. Also when its time for the battle suiting up and fighting along side with him is where she should be. 

Korina and Morrow, are both fighters in their own way. I wish this book would have been longer, so that the relationship between them would have taken its time to develop and not felt so rushed. But on the other hand, I got the chance to understand and got to feel the fear and feelings that were involved. So overall it all worked out in the end.

While reading this novella, I found some lines were way too good to be forgotten so I took notes but then realized I picked parts well that shouldn't be included because I don't want to ruin this for others. But I really did enjoy reading it. I just wish it didn't take me so long to get to it.
Taken to the Limit does a really nice job with building the world and fighting a war. I liked reading about Earth as they know it. Another interesting part is how these Aliens plant their seeds. That really turns out to be interesting.
Taken to the Limit is a very good start for a series that has a  promise to get even better. If you love science-fiction and well as a dash of romance this book could be the book for you. Tons of  action-packed moments ,but then sweet moments come into play at the same time. Since I have never read a Science-fiction / romance before and to tell you the truth I think this was the perfect book to pop my cherry. *grins* I'm really looking forward to reading more in this series. Nico Rosso definitely gives something a little different to the romance genre and I really cant wait to read more from him.

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  1. This book sounds interesting. I like the idea of combining Scifi and romance. Sounds like a good book to add to the TBR. Thanks for the review :D