Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guest Post: Ava Riley & her favorite Easter memory plus **Giveaway**

Today I want to Welcome Author Ava Riley on the blog. Hi Ava *waves* I am so happy to have you hear today. I have so many Easter memories, but my question for you is what is one of your favorite memories of Easter?

Hi all, my name is Ava Riley, author of erotica and paranormal romance.   

Happy Easter to everyone!  Chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.  That’s usually what I think of when I think of Easter.  It wasn’t usually a big holiday for me, not until about nine years ago when I had my first child.  That’s when I really got into celebrating it.  As I think back to one of my favorite Easters, I would have to say it would be when my kids were two and three.  It was the first time they both really enjoyed the egg coloring and hunting.  The joy on their faces after finding that first hidden egg is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind.  Of course, after five times of hiding eggs I was a little tired of the eggs.  

With that being said, on April 6th, my first novel A Lifetime to Find Love was released by Lazy Day Publishing.  To find out more about the love shared between Tessa and Cade, visit  I am giving away two free copies (pdf format) to the two best Easter memories.  Oh what the hell, or the hottest picture you can find (it doesn’t have to be Easter related; just one that makes my mouth water LOL).   

Please post your comments or pics here on Lush Reviews site. I will be back checking and picking 2 lucky winners. 

This makes me think of Easter, okay, not really but I’d like to find this in my Easter basket.


You can find Ava at :

Thank you so much for stopping by Ava and the awesome giveaway. Keep those sexy books and men coming my way. LOL And Happy Easter to you and your family =D

So you heard it two copies get a new home. So what is your favorite Easter memory. Let Ava know all about it. Good Luck ;)


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  2. My favorite Easter memories would be the celebrations and egg hunts at my grandparents' house when I was a kid. Especially now that my grandfather is gone, I love thinking about those times. I also enjoy hiding eggs for my nieces and nephews, and coloring eggs with them. They are so cute when they are young.

    Can't get my favorite hot pic to add...sorry :(

  3. my favorite easter memory came when I was...maybe 12? I fought a constant battle against my weight, as a child (I finally gave up), and I was, once more, on a diet. Not wanting me to miss out on the fun, bless her heart, my mother got me a portable radio/cassette player (I think it was called a "Boom-Box", back then), along with a few small stuffed animals and such. the funny part was, I found all of the little animals, but didn't see the stereo (sitting in plain sight), until she tossed one of the stuffed animals at it. She was a wonderful woman, and it's a wonderful memory, 28 years later.

  4. My favorite Easter memory is of my Mom and my sister dressed up as the Easter Bunny and her assistant unexpectedly hopping into our bedroom to greet my son on Easter morning. He was little then... maybe 3... My Mom has since passed. My sister now has kids of her own. But... the picture of them both wearing cotton on their buns and with floppy ears and painted faces will be forever memory for me and for my son... he's 30 now and still remembers...
    Thanks for the give-a-way.
    Linda T.

  5. my favorite easter moment was seeing the pic wait!!

    Honesty now, i enjoy every easter because i love to cook and spend it with my long as they do the clean up

  6. My favourite Easter memory would be when I was little, my siblings and I would go on these chocolate Easter egg hunts around the house! Those were so much fun because those chocolate eggs were small in size, so it was a challenge to find them and when we do, we get to eat and indulge in the chocolately goodness of course :)