Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

"Dale loves women, and they love him. His love life is a revolving door. No one special, no one stays, except Lauren, his best friend. She's a sweet, beautiful, talented woman. His rock, the steadying influence in his life. So why is he starting to see her differently? Where are these lustful thoughts coming from? Guys don't sleep with their best friends. Lauren has loved Dale for five years, from the moment she saw him. She loves his smile, his walk, his deep, sexy voice. But he isn't in love with her. She's his pal, his confidant. Until one hot, steamy night."

Paperback, 264 pages
Published April 30th 2004 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 141995041X (ISBN13: 9781419950414)

Let me start off by saying I really adored this book. I haven't had the chance to read a lot of books by Shiloh Walker but the ones I have read have been excellent. And this one showed me just another reason reason why I should be reading more of her work and believe me I will be doing just that.

Lauren has loved Dale for years unfortunately Dale just sees her as his best buddy. Until one night Lauren goes over to check on him and finds him drunk. They have sex ,but Lauren is left crushed when he says another woman's name.

I found this not only to be a moving story but one that will keep you on your toes. Its not only about friendship ,but love and some really tough decisions for not only one person but both parties that are involved. 

Shiloh Walker gives you a plot that grabs your attention once you start reading this fantastic story. It never had a dull moment. It also has some steamy sex but that is not that whole book and I think that is why I loved this story so much. It was much more than sex... way more than sex. I loved the whole girl in love with best friend and best friend has no idea plot.

Lauren and Dale's story hit me straight in the heart. Its about real people with everyday problems, love and being there for your friends. It had some real emotions. Hell it even had me thinking that if I were in Lauren's shoes what would I have done. I loved putting myself in that scenario because you never really know what you would do. Well, at least I wouldn't.
The other day I had spent some time on twitter in the DMs talking with Shiloh's Assistant (Nicole) about books that I must read or what I have read. This one didn't come up, but she had me so interested I wanted to read something she wrote earlier. Needless to say as you can tell I loved this story. It makes me want to go buy every book she has ever written. To be honest I am sure that day will come soon and I am welcoming it with open arms and an open check book. *giggles* although hubby might not be on board with this plan, but who cares. Her books are like crack. Once you open them you wont be able to put them down!! So Thank You Nicole for introducing me to Crack! LOL
This is truly one of the best love stories I have read to date. I absolutely loved Lauren and Dale!!!! A wonderful book from start to finish. Her best friends lover will for sure be added to my re-read pile for the future. In fact I might have to re-conquer it soon but then again it wont come soon enough. Needless to say I loved loved loved ( i think i have said that a ton). Shiloh Walker is on the auto buy list now and I know I wont be disappointed. I can only hope if she isn't on your auto buy list you should be adding her because from what I read she will never disappoint you.

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