Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Post with Nico Rosso and his first time at RT2011

Today I want to welcome Author Nico Rosso. *waves* Hi Nico I am so Happy to have you stop by today. I saw all the amazing pictures from RT2011.  I know your a newly published author so what was your first time like?

Every year the RT Booklovers Convention brings together published authors, readers, aspiring writers, agents, editors and anyone else interested in romance novels and their many sub-genres.  My wife, author ZoĆ« Archer, has attended a few of these conventions (known simply as RT) in the past and I’d heard the stories (some of which will never be spoken again).  So, being a newly published romance author myself, and because RT was in my home town of Los Angeles this year, I had to attend.

I was lucky enough to score a day-pass by manning the table for the Southern California RWA chapters, but my real RT experience began the night before, in one of the many hotel bars in the Westin Bonaventure.  I met with my super-cool Liquid Silver publisher, Tina Burns, as well as a bunch of other authors, editors and cover designers.  First hand, I experienced what makes the romance writing/reading community so unique.  Many of these people had known each other for years, but I was immediately welcomed.  That’s how it works; because the romance genre is so positive, the people who are involved in it are filled with that kind of energy.

And they can talk really dirty, which is also a ton of fun.

The next day I arrived early at the RWA table in the marketplace room of RT.  The table was covered with swag: bookmarks, notepads, pens and many other giveaways that authors created.  It was a good showing, representing authors from San Diego all the way up to Los Angeles.  I met Linda O. Johnston, the other writer working the table with me, and together we sat down to watch the parade of people.

Steampunk, business suit, tie-died, women, men, teenagers.  It was a great mix.  And the best part of the day came at the very end.  A somewhat dazed young woman came up to the table, with what looked like a thousand questions waiting to be asked.  She explained that she had just had a conversation with an editor about a book she was working on and the editor wanted to meet her the next morning for a pitch.  “How do I pitch?” was the first question.

Now, I’ve only had one novella published (sci-fi Romance Taken to the Limit), but I have a lot of opinions.  Linda O. Johnston has written everything from cozy mysteries to Harlequin Nocturnes.  We were also joined by Christine London, who has extensive experience writing e-books.  And here’s this young woman, taking out her notepad and trying to take in everything we think she’ll need for the pitch.

I’m surprised she still had ink in her pen when she left us.  I ran into her later during RT and she said the pitch went well and she learned a lot more about what her book needed.  And because it’s the romance community, there will always be someone to help her answer those questions.

As RT was wrapping up, people were already making plans for next year’s convention in Chicago. I totally understood why. Once you go, you need to come back.  I’m hooked and I’ll hopefully see you there next year. 

Sounds like an awesome time!!  I am already trying to make some plans and prepare myself for RT2012 in Chicago. I am so excited so yes I hope I see you there as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story with us. :)

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  1. Great post, Nico. I agree that the romance genre is filled with "like minds" and therefore very supportive. Glad you had a positive experience!

  2. The best most invigorating 'vibe' in the romance community is the feeling of abundance. Your success in no way diminishes mine, nor does it lessen my chances of achieving my dream. More is ...more and if I help you we are all made the better/wiser/richer. Success begets success. No room for pettiness...only dreams fulfilled.
    Loved the Club RT room and all the buzz that hummed every time I cruised through. Long live RWA/RT and all the wonderful industry people that uplift everyone who has the dream of writing success.
    Thanks for the mention, Nico. Great to see you at the Bonaventure. Love, love, love our male contingent. :)

    Christine London

  3. Sounds awesome, Nico! And yes you're right, the romance community is all-welcoming. Huge congrats on your first sale!