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The Earl Next Door Excerpt & Giveaway with Charis Michaels

The Earl Next Door

The Bachelor Lords of London #1

By: Charis Michaels
Releasing March 1, 2016

Avon Impulse


Charis Michaels makes her Avon Impulse debut with the first book in her new historical romance series, The Bachelor Lords of London...featuring a brooding earl and the American heiress who charms him.

American heiress Piety Grey is on the run. Suddenly in London and facing the renovation of a crumbling townhouse, she’s determined to make a new life for herself—anything is better than returning to New York City where a cruel mother and horrid betrothal await her. The last thing she needs is a dark, tempting earl inciting her at every turn…

Trevor Rheese, the Earl of Falcondale, isn’t interested in being a good neighbor. After fifteen years of familial obligation, he’s finally free. But when the disarmingly beautiful Piety bursts through his wall—and into his life—his newfound freedom is threatened…even as his curiosity is piqued.

Once Piety’s family arrives in London, Falcondale suddenly finds himself in the midst of a mock courtship to protect the seductive woman who’s turned his world upside down. It’s all for show—or at least it should be. But if Falcondale isn’t careful, he may find a very real happily ever after with the woman of his dreams…

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Author Info

CHARIS MICHAELS is thrilled to be making her debut with Avon Impulse. Prior to writing romance, she studied Journalism at Texas A&M and managed PR for a trade association. She has also worked as a tour guide at Disney World, harvested peaches on her family’s farm, and entertained children as the “Story Godmother” at birthday parties. She has lived in Texas, Florida, and London, England. She now makes her home in the Washington, D.C.-metro area.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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 Chapter One 
No. 21 Henrietta Place
Mayfair, London, England
May 1809

Nothing of record ever happened in Henrietta Place.
Carriages did not collide.  Servants did not quarrel in the mews.  No one among the street’s jowly widowers remarried harlot second wives, and families with spirited young boys boarded them in school at the earliest possible age.
No one tolerated stray dogs.  
A calm sort of orderliness prevailed on the street, gratifying residents and earning high praise from Londoners and country visitors alike.  It was a domestic refuge.  One of the last such sanctuaries in all of London.  
Certainly, the stately townhome mansion at No. 21 was a sanctuary to Lady Frances Stroud, Marchioness Frinfrock, who had been a proud and attentive resident since her marriage in 1768.  With her own eyes, Lady Frinfrock had seen the degradation and disquiet that had become prevalent in so many London streets; noble-born men fraternizing with ballet dancers in The Strand; week-long ramblings in Pall Mall.  And the spectacle that was Covent Garden?  It wasn’t to be borne.
What a comfort, then, that Lady Frinfrock would always have Henrietta Place, where nothing of record ever happened.  Where she could live out her final days in peace and tranquility.  
“It looks to be fair for a second day, my lady,” said Miss Breedlowe, the marchioness’ nurse, crossing to the alcove window that overlooked the street.
“A fog will descend by luncheon,” said the marchioness, frowning.
“If it pleases you, we could take a short walk before then,” the nurse said.  “To Cavendish Square and back?  Spring weather is so unpredictable, we should take advantage of the sun before it disappears again for a month.”
“Cavendish Square is not to be tolerated,” said Lady Frinfrock.
Miss Breedlowe looked at her hands.  “Only so far as the corner and back, then?” 
“Not I,” said the marchioness, pained.
A sigh of disappointment followed, as it always did.  How unhappily accustomed Lady Frinfrock had become to her nurse’s chronic sighing.  It was obvious that Miss Breedlowe endeavored to be patient, although, in her ladyship’s view, not nearly patient enough.  In return, the marchioness rarely endeavored to be agreeable enough. 
And why should a woman of her age and station be prodded through an inane schedule of someone else’s design? To be forced to engage in robust activities intended for no other purpose than to move her bowels?  If her inept solicitors felt that her alleged infirmity warranted the nurse-maiding of sullen, sigh-ridden Miss Breedlowe, then so be it.  They could cajole her to compensate and house the woman, but they could not force her to abide her.  Or to walk to Cavendish Square when she hadn’t the slightest desire.  
Miss Breedlowe cleared her throat.  “Perhaps tomorrow, then.”
Lady Frinfrock made a dismissive sound.  “If you wish to walk to Cavendish Square, Miss Breedlowe, pray, do not let my disinterest detain you.”
The nurse turned from the window and studied her.  “I had hoped to discover an activity that we might enjoy together.” 
“A vain hope, I fear.  I am a solitary soul, as the tyrants at Blinklowe, Dinkle, and Tuft, would comprehend if their service to my estate extended beyond calculating my worth in shillings and pounds and subtracting their yearly portion…and then shackling me with you.”  
To her credit, the nurse did not blanch, but she also did not reply.  The marchioness looked away.  If such frank language could not elicit some measure of honesty from the woman, perhaps it would scare her into not speaking at all.  Either would be preferable to her current trickle of disingenuous small talk, not to mention the incessant sighing.  
“I dare say your planters are the most beautiful for several blocks, my lady,” Miss Breedlowe said after a moment.  “Do you direct your gardener in their care?”
“They are not the loveliest on their own accord, of that you can be sure.”
“How talented you are.”
The marchioness snorted.  “You can but see what becomes of a garden when left unattended, even for a week.  Just look at the deplorable state of Lord Falcondale’s flower boxes and borders, if you can bear it.  Such an eyesore.”
“Oh, yes.  The new earl.  Which house is it?”
“Number 24.  There.  Directly across the street.  It’s been in his family for an age.”  She gently tapped the window with her cane.  “His late uncle, the previous Lord Falcondale, paid fastidious attention to the upkeep of those planters.  Tulips and ivy mostly, this time of year.  Simple flowers, really.  No effort to maintain, but perfectly lovely if kept headed and weeded, which he did.  Not to mention his staff swept the steps and stoop several times a day, even in the damp.  But now his far-flung nephew has inherited, and I fear the entire property will fall into disrepair.”
“Hmmm,” said Miss Breedlowe.  “That would be a great shame.”
“Doubtless it seems like a small thing to you, but this sort of irresponsibility can bring about the demise of order and calm in a quiet street like our Henrietta Place.  It doesn’t help that Number 22,” she gestured again, “next door to Falcondale’s, has been unoccupied and for sale these last five years.  The house agents keep it up, but there’s no substitute for the loving care of a devoted owner and staff.”
“To make matters worse, the new earl is completely unresponsive to neighborly suggestion.  I dispatched Samuel to speak to his gardener, only to be told that the man has let him go, the careless sod.”
“Dismissed his gardener?” 
“He sacked the whole lot.  I’ve since learned that every servant has been turned out.  Now I ask you, how is a house of that size to be maintained without staff?”
“I can only guess, my lady, but do take care.  It would not warrant your becoming overset.”  She ventured small steps toward the marchioness.
“The demise of order and calm.” Lady Frinfrock tsked, waving her away and rising slowly from her chair.  She plodded to the window.  “The demise of order and calm.”
As if on cue, a carriage, buffed to a sun-sparkling sheen, whipped around the corner, thundering down the cobblestones from the direction of Welbeck Street.
“Who the devil could this be?” the marchioness whispered.  She drew so near to the window, her breath fogged the glass.  The carriage careened toward them at a breakneck pace, slowing slightly as it neared Lady Frinfrock’s front window.  With eyes wide, the marchioness watched it jostle past her house and well beyond the weed-ridden planters of Falcondale’s front door.  Only when it reached the unoccupied house at Number 22 did it lurch to a stop, the coachman yanking the reins as if his life depended on it.  
“Such traffic in the street today,” mumbled Miss Breedlowe.
“Nonsense,” said Lady Frinfrock, her eyes pinned on the carriage.  “There is no traffic in Henrietta Place.  Not on this day or any day.  Such recklessness?  A conveyance of this size?  It’s wholly irregular!”
“Indeed.  Perhaps a neighbor is expecting out-of-town guests?”
“No relation to the occupants of this street could afford a vehicle so grand,” she said.  “Except, of course, for me.  And I have no relatives.”
“Not even the new earl, Lord Falcondale?” 
The marchioness harrumphed.  “He cannot even afford a gardener.”
The carriage door sprang open, and Lady Frinfrock leaned in.
“Oh, look,” said Miss Breedlowe, cheerful interest in her voice. “It’s a young woman.  How beautiful she is.  And her gown.  And hat,” she marveled.  “Oh, she’s brought someone with her.  A companion.  Hmm. Perhaps a servant?”  Her voice went a little off, and she crooked her head to the side, studying the two women collecting in the street.
“Is that an African?” Lady Frinfrock nearly shouted, planting both gloved palms on the spotless glass of the window.  
“I do believe her companion is an…aboriginal woman of some sort,” croaked Miss Breedlowe, herself moving closer to the glass. 
“But whatever business could they have in Henrietta Place?”
Miss Breedlowe reached out a hand to steady her.  “Do take care, my lady.  Perhaps we should return to the comfort of the chairs.”
“I shall not be comfortable in chairs,” said the marchioness, swatting her away.  “But has the young woman come alone?”  She tapped a bony finger on the glass.  “Where is her family?  Her husband or parents?”
“Perhaps the men who have accompanied her are her—” 
“Servants, clearly,” interrupted the marchioness.   “Look, Miss Breedlowe. Trunk after trunk.  Crates and baskets.  Oh, God.”   Her breath fogged the glass.  “They are conveying it to the former front door of Cecil Panhearst’s old house.  It’s been sealed like a tomb for the better part of a decade.”
“So they are.  Perhaps you’re to have a second new neighbor.”
“A lone young woman and an African?”  She moved closer to the window.  
“Highly likely, I’d say.  It would appear they are…?  Yes, they are unpacking.
“Well, that cannot be,” Lady Frinfrock declared, shaking her head at the street.  “I won’t stand for it.  Not without knowing who she may be, or where she came from.  And why she is accompanied by an African.”
“Oh, do not worry,” chuckled Miss Breedlowe, “the servants will learn her story soon enough.  If she has any staff at all, they will talk with the other servants on the street.”
For the first time since the carriage arrived, the marchioness lifted her eyes from the window and turned to stare at the nurse.  
“Why, what an excellent idea, Miss Breedlowe.”  She raised her cane and jabbed it in the direction of the startled younger woman.  “How resourceful you are.  The servants will talk.”  She raised one eyebrow.  “They will learn her story soon enough.”  
As Miss Breedlowe stared in disbelief, the marchioness scrunched her face and then swung the tip of her cane in the direction of door.
“Oh, no, my lady,” said Miss Breedlowe, backing away.  “You cannot mean me.”
“Oh, yes, ‘tis exactly what I mean.  Finally, a suitable application for your indeterminate hovering and resigned sighs.  We shall devise a reason for you to approach her, and you will discover her business in my street.  It is our duty as mindful, responsible residents to know.”
“But I was speaking of the maids, my lady.   The kitchen boys.  I…”
“The maids are unreliable.  The kitchen boys are inarticulate.  You, however, are ideal for this sort of thing.  Steel yourself, Miss Breedlowe.  We cannot know what manner of objectionable thing she may say or do.  Better fetch your gloves.  And your hat.”

The Sweetest Chase Review & Giveaway with Sharla Lovelace

The Sweetest Chase

Heart of the Storm #2

By: Sharla Lovelace
Releasing February 23, 2016



Photographer Quinn Parker is getting married in a month, and she’s almost happy about it. Even though her mother is planning the whole wedding. Even though she’s secretly had the hots for Simon Chase forever. But he’s her best friend’s brother and her coworker . . . off-limits even if she were single. So she’s marrying the man who should be her perfect match—and that’s that.

Simon Chase’s life revolves around his family’s storm-chasing business. The meteorologist of the bunch, he’d rather be out in the weather than reporting it—especially if Quinn Parker is along to photograph the run. He’s been hiding his crush on her for a long time, and it’s only intensified. But she’s marrying someone else—and that’s that.

Or is it?  When a Chase family wedding sets the stage for body temperatures to rise and the pressure of Quinn’s impending wedding to build, a new reality breaks.  Quinn and Simon discover their unrequited affections have been mutual all along. When the gathering storm of their attraction finally reaches its peak, will it leave their lives in shambles? Or will they find shelter in each other?

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Author Info

Sharla Lovelace is a bestselling, award-winning author of sexy small-town love stories. A proud Texas girl through and through, she lives in southeast Texas with her retired husband, a tricked-out golf cart, and two rambunctious dogs. Author of five stand-alone novels and the Heart of the Storm series, she loves connecting with readers; find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, or subscribe to her newsletter at to keep up with new releases.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads 

Rafflecopter Giveaway (Three (3) Print Copies of THE SWEETEST CHASE (U.S. Only))

First thing I noticed about this book that caught my attention was the fact it's about storm chasers and I haven't read a book with a plot that before. This is the second book in this series but from what I read we have some other chase siblings that will follow.

Simon and Quinn are best friends of sorts. Quinn actually know Simons sister from college and they are roommates. They both have this thing for one another but neither of them know. Also to make matters more complicated Quinn is engaged to be married in 6 short weeks. While these two are chasing storms they are also chasing some feelings.

I liked the plot and had a great time diving into something different. Lovelace brings a lot of action and stormy weather along with a real close family that I enjoyed.

Some of my favorite parts of this book includes Quinn getting drunk and sibling banter. It has some cute moments that I adored and yet some ones that I couldn't believe.

Overall I enjoyed reading this and I am looking forward to seeing where this series and characters will go.

If you need a break from cowboys and billionaires I suggest giving storm chasers a try!

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Arc Review: Draw Me Close by Nicole Michaels


Arc Review: Heart Like Mine by Maggie McGinnis


Arc Review: Dangerous To Know by Dawn Ryder

In Dangerous to Know—the first in a red-hot brand-new romance series—Dawn Ryder takes readers into a world of dangerous secrets and forbidden passion…

A bad-boy member of an elite Special Ops team, Mercer has never been assigned an undercover mission he couldn’t complete. But when his latest job requires him to gain the trust—and get into the bed—of his newest target, the sexy, fiery Colonel’s daughter, he has a whole new challenge ahead of him. All evidence points to her being a traitor to the country he’s sworn to protect, but the crackling desire between them is too strong a feeling to ignore…


Zoe has always kept her secrets close to the vest. The only woman in a decorated military family, she’s been taught that to let someone close is to flirt with disaster. But when the dangerously handsome, alpha-strong Mercer comes blazing into her life full-speed, it’s all Zoe can do to resist his wicked seduction. As danger circles closer, Zoe must decide if she can trust him to protect her—but there’s no way he could be bad when he makes her feel this good…


This is the first book in a brand new series by Ryder and in the first few chapters it starts off a little different then a lot of suspense romance novels that are out. Normally you have to guess who the bad guy(s) are during the book but in this one Ryder hands them to you from the beginning. While I liked this because it was different I really did miss guessing who was after Mercer and Zoe. 

The story starts off interesting with Zoe's brother wondering who is selling classified Intel on where the troops are and what there mission contains. Then it jumps to Zoe meeting Mercer in a bar not knowing she is going to be a target for this undercover team to find out if she is working alone or has a partner in selling the information. 

One thing I loved about this book was the non stop action and suspense. Just when something happens and then calms down something else is in the works to grab my attention all over again. 

The one thing I did have a problem with was I thought there were too many people who had povs going on. Not only do we get Zoe and Mercer but the two men who are behind this whole shit storm, Saxon (Mercer's boss) and a few more! Although these people play a major part in this book i felt some of their thoughts weren't needed since you can follow what's going on. 

I enjoyed the plot on how Mercer has to gain Zoe's trust by hopping into her bed but I also loved how he fell for her right when he met her. Although they didn't trust one another for two different reasons I thought this was a nice change from other romantic suspense books. 

The characters were likable and I love how each of them stood out. This team looks like they will have their work cut out for them in future books. I would say in about the middle of this book you can already see whose book will be next and honestly I can't wait for that! 

Ryder writes some really hot sex scenes between Zoe and Mercer so be warned! These two cant keep their hands to themselves when they are around each other and Ryder doesn't just doesn't give you one scene but like 10 and they are all in great detail. 

Overall I'm truly looking forward to reading more of this series. Although this book doesn't end with cliffhanger it sets up with the next story so I can't wait! Since this was my first book by Ryder I am already looking forward to more! So Ms. Ryder if you read this keep them coming! 

Arc Review: Deep Dark By Laura Griffin


The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene, he knows the case is going to rock his world. A beautiful young woman murdered at home. No sign of forced entry. No motive. She’s obviously not the killer’s first victim, and Reed’s instincts tell him she won’t be his last. Reed’s first clue comes via a mysterious text that links to a dating profile, but even more intriguing than the clue is the person who sent it.

As a white-hat hacker in the Delphi Center’s cyber investigation unit, Laney Knox sneaks into some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet looking for predators. Laney would prefer to stay away from Austin PD’s most recent murder case, but she can’t ignore the chilling similarities between that crime and her own brutal attack years ago. Laney offers to help the sexy lead detective, but he wants more from her than just a promising tip—Reed wants her trust. Laney resists, but as their relationship deepens she’s tempted to reveal the closely guarded secrets that could make her a key witness…or the killer’s next victim.

Griffin is back with another great Tracers read! This book has it all mystery, romance and non stop suspense. It's csi and criminal minds rolled into one fantastic read! 

There are bad and good hackers and Laney is one of the good ones. She works in Delphi Center's Cyber Investigation Unit. After a young woman is murdered she gets involved by sending information to the detective on the case but she has no idea what is about to come next. 

Reed knows Laney isn't telling him everything so he has her helping on the case that is until her life becomes in danger but he knows Laney will stop at nothing to get the answers they are looking for. 

I really liked Laney and Reed. They don't have a simple relationship but as there trust for one another starts to grow so do their feelings. I liked that Griffin wrote a 15 year age difference between them and it totally wasn't creepy but sweet. They wanted each other but I thought it was kinda sweet how Reed kept reminding himself she was younger. 

The story also had some great secondary characters and honestly I would really like to see them have their own books someday because I didn't feel their story was done. 

Of course in this one we deal with a serial killer but I loved the suspense on what would happen next and when would they discover who it was. It honestly kept me on the edge of my seat. When they figured out who it was I was actually shocked!

This will be a definite re read for me in the future because reading it just once wasn't enough. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series and hopefully maybe Griffin will have another Tracers book out this year. 

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Arc Review: Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton

From the author of the Capital Confessions Novels comes the first in the steamy Wild Aces Romance series.

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller—call sign Burn—loves nothing more than flying hard and fast. When he meets a gorgeous and sassy woman while partying in Las Vegas, he immediately locks on to her.

Jordan Callahan owns a thriving clothing boutique, but her love life is far less successful. Her luck changes when six feet, two inches of sexy swagger asks her to dance and turns her world upside down. 

One scorching weekend becomes an undeniable chemistry that they can't leave in Vegas. But the long distance relationship and their different lives threaten to ground their romance. And when the dangers of Noah's job become all too real, Jordan learns being with a fighter pilot means risking it all for a shot at love…

This is the first book in a new series by Ms. Cleeton and I'm glad how different it was from her capital confessions series. While I loved that series I'm really liking the new characters and the new world she has created.

In this first book we meet Jordan who own a boutique in sunny Florida. She is in Las Vegas for her sisters bachelorette party. Although she is single and 30 she isn't going to let that get to her. While out celebrating she meets. She is instantly attracted to him but she always loves the way he carries himself.

Noah is in Vegas for work and since he is a pilot in the Air Force he hasn't had too many serious relationships since his work takes him away. After meeting Jordan he knows he wants to spend more time with her and get to know her better but it's not going to be easy. Noah hopes he won't crash and burn this time.

Now I don't know much about the Air Force but I really enjoyed how Cleeton explained the missions, lingo, and made me enjoy every moment of that. I wasn't bored and was actually interested in it. So Ms. Cleeton thank you for that!

This story is a dual pov!! And I'm so thankful for that. I love knowing what the two main characters are thinking when they meet for the first time and etc.

I liked characters and enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of them especially Easy. At first Noah came off a little cocky but as I kept reading I actually fell for him. I loved just at certain times he was unsure how to handle things with Jordan which made him more realistic. I liked Jordan because she was not only smitten with
Noah but because she gave it back to him. She was sassy, funny, but yet she let doubts creep in at times. The secondary characters were also interesting and honestly I'm looking forward to reading about each and everyone of them.

The plot I was a little unsure of. Yes these two meet in Vegas but they both live in different states so they agree to a long distance relationship. Because these two were doing a relationship that way sometimes I didn't totally feel connected to them as a couple. Sure they had phone calls daily and phone sex but mostly they had two different schedules so they didn't speak or spend as much time together that I would have liked. The parts I enjoyed the most is when they were actually together.

There are some amusing parts in this book but it also had a real emotional one that actually had me in tears so I would definitely keep some tissues near by.

Overall I am looking forward to reading more of this series and getting to know the guys better. I'm already ready for the next book and truly it can't come soon enough!

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Review: Baggage by S.G. Redling

This book started out a little on the slow side for me. I kept wondering when would we get to what happened and why February 17th was such a day from hell for Anna. 

Finally answers start coming! On February 17 when Anna was little her mother killed her father to protect her. Of course Anna never talks about it and is sent to live with her cousin Jeannie and her family. Jeannie has become not only her support system but like her older sister. In the story these two have a great bond. 

Now that Anna is an adult she got married but again on February 17 he ended up killing himself. Now a year later Anna is starting over. New apartment, new job and definitely hoping the curse of February 17 is finally over. 

This year on that day her cousin Jeannie makes a surprise visit to help her deal with that dreadful day. When Jeannie springs Anna from work they go out for the evening but when they wake up they can't remember what the night entailed. Instead of being faced with things like her past she finds herself the the suspect. 

So of course the book finally picks up and I started to like the characters and the mystery of what was happening. Both Jeannie and Anna are so different but they are so close which I loved. 

The ending ends in a cliffhanger and I hope there will second part to end the suspense on what happens in the end. When I started this I had no idea that it would end this way. For one I don't like to read stories with cliffhangers because I love knowing there is ending in sight no matter what it is. Hopefully book two will finally put this story to rest. 

Arc Review: Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder


Saved by a Seal Blast & Giveaway with Lindsay McKenna, Chris Kenistonand Susan Stoker

Saved by a Seal Box Set

By:Lindsay McKenna, Chris Keniston and Susan Stoker

Released February 6, 2016



Three New York Times / USA TODAY Bestselling authors have joined forces to give back to the military veterans who have given so much to their country. Lindsay McKenna, Chris Keniston and Susan Stoker bring you SAVED BY A SEAL, a first in series box set. Join these authors and their SEAL heroes from the very beginning of their bestselling romance series.

NOWHERE TO HIDE by Lindsay McKenna Book 1, Delos Series

Lia Cassidy left the Army scarred physically and emotionally after a vicious attack by two fellow soldiers. She turns to helping others, working at a Delos Home School Charity in Costa Rica that aids abused women and children. But when the deadly drug lord, La Arana, attacks the school, Lia finds herself on the run for her life. The only person she can trust is the ex-SEAL sent to protect her.

Cav Jordan is strong, honorable and gorgeous…and intrigued by Lia. He knows she has suffered pain in her past, and he is determined to break through her barriers and earn her trust. But as Cav slowly chips away at the walls Lia has built, ghosts from her past threaten to destroy their fragile relationship.

ALOHA TEXAS by Chris Keniston Book 1, Aloha Series

Former navy diver Nicholas Harper likes his new world as captain of a dive boat in Hawaii.

Powerhouse attorney Kara Lynn O'Conner's world revolves around her small Texas town where life is easy and safe.

Six year old Bradley Cooper is about to change everything.

PROTECTING CAROLINE by Susan Stoker Book 1, SEAL of Protection Series

Matthew “Wolf” Steel hated flying commercial. Luckily his job as a Navy SEAL meant he didn’t have to do it very often. He’d been unlucky enough to be assigned a middle seat on the cramped jet, but fortunately for him, the woman next to him was willing to switch seats with him. Hoping for a relaxing flight, Wolf was pleasantly surprised at the good conversation and sense of humor the woman had as they flew 36,000 feet over the countryside.

When Caroline boarded the plane to Virginia to move across the country for her new job she never expected to be seated next to the hottest guy she’d ever seen. She also never expected he’d be so easy to talk to. She knew he’d never be interested in talking to her if he hadn’t been trapped in the seat next to her, but it was a nice way to spend a long plane ride.

Neither Wolf nor Caroline were prepared for a terrorist hijacking of their plane, but if Caroline thought that would be the last time she’d see, or need, Wolf, she’d be sorely mistaken.

Available at just $0.99 for a limited time. All proceeds go to America’s VetDogs®

Buy Links:  Amazon | Amazon UK | B & N | Google | iTunes | Kobo

About Americas VetDogs
America's VetDog's Mission: To help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence.

America’s VetDogs® is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that serves the needs of disabled veterans from all eras who have honorably served our country. VetDogs provides guide dogs for individuals who are blind or have low vision; hearing dogs for those who have lost their hearing later in life; service dogs for those with other physical disabilities; facility dogs as part of the rehabilitation process in military and VA hospitals, and PTSD service dogs to help mitigate the effects of PTSD in an effort to provide the emotional and physical support needed.

In 2013, America's VetDogs (an affiliate of and managed by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind) became the second assistance dog school (the Guide Dog Foundation is the other) in the United States to be certified by the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.

For more information about this organization or how to donate go to

Author Info
Lindsay McKenna lives her life as a risk taker, and it shines through the books she loves to write: romance, adventure and suspense. She started writing at age thirteen and continues to hone her writing skills to this day. She sold her first romance novel in 1981. The rest is history.

Because she went into the military, this experience became the backbone of her writing—she is credited with writing the first military romance novel (Captive of Fate, 1983, Silhouette Special Edition) and has created a thriving sub-genre within the romance field! As a New York Times Best Selling author, she has sold 23 million books and in 32 foreign languages in her career thus far. Her many experiences in the U.S. Navy are backdrop for her understanding of the military in general, and also her very successful Morgan’s Mercenaries, which is an ongoing series in Silhouette to this day! Forty-five books strong!

Lindsay has gone Indie in 2015 and has created a new family saga on par with Morgan’s Mercenaries It is known as the DELOS SERIES. There will be paperback and eBooks created under Blue Turtle Publishing, her company for her fans. Readers who love Morgan and his family are bound to fall in love with the Culver family. Delos is romantic suspense, which Lindsay is well known for. It took her five years to create and bring DELOS to her readers. It was worth the wait, but we’ll let you decide that.

Lindsay loves to hear from her readers and loves to know what they’d like to see her write next. Stay up with the latest on the Delos Series here. Please visit her Web site at And be sure to sign up for her free quarterly newsletter. It contains exclusive content found nowhere else on the Net. Plus, giveaways and other surprises, to her loyal and faithful subscribers!
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A native New Yorker, Chris Keniston was on her way to Australia when she fell in love with North Texas. Little did she know the balmy seventy-degree October days would turn into fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heat in August!

Twenty years later, she started scribbling short stories about her favorite TV shows, giving them lives more to her liking - and the elusive happy ending. Not long after, a dear friend dragged her to a local writers’ meeting. After winning multiple writing contests and making the finals in the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart contest, she now spends her days, and nights, writing contemporary romantic fiction with lots of emotion, plenty of surprises, and, of course, the happily ever after.

Chris lives in suburban Dallas with her husband, two human children, and two canine children. Though she loves her puppies equally, she admits being especially attached to her German Shepherd rescue named Gunny. After all, even dogs deserve a happily ever after.

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New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives, but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She's married to a retired Army man who now gets to follow her around the country.
She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.
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Lia had sat on the bed, fighting tears of humiliation, knowing her body disgusted men.  The same nightmare of being attacked by two assailants with knives, had jerked her awake once again.
At least, Lia thought, I can be grateful for being alive.
Since then, shed given up thinking in terms of relationships, surrendering to the reality of a life alone, without love, and without a partnership.
She instead shifted her focus to Delos charity, a place that welcomed her hard work and her love of children. At least Lia could do some good for them by giving them her love, care and attention. And those little ones were like bright flowers, radiant under her care here in Costa Rica.
She smiled. The children were curious little things. The first time Lia had stepped into the Home School Foundation building in La Fortuna, she had tried to gird herself for the children's curiosity about her scars. But unlike men, the children were simply curious and wanted to touch them. Lia had seen their sympathy in their large, wide eyes as she crouched down, allowing them to touch her scar, to feel it, to see sadness come to their tiny faces that never lied about anything. The children had long ago accepted her as she was, and adored her because she was there for them. Her scars were never an issue; in fact, these children had seen their own share of misfortune, and it bonded them more closely with this American angel who was here to teach, love, and support them.
Finally, Lia fell into a light, restless sleep. She never slept deeply after a nightmare, and knew shed wake up early, feeling ragged, tired and stressed out. But just the act of getting a shower, clean clothes, washing her hair and getting ready to go to the school that sat five hundred feet away from her small home, made her heart sing.
Still, her heart yearned for the right man to walk into her life. She had just about accepted that the odds of that happening were so low, there was no point thinking about it. After all, who would want a carved-up woman with a jagged scar on one side of her face? No one.. flowers, radiant under her care here in Costa Rica.