Sunday, February 7, 2016

Arc Review: Torn by Cynthia Eden

Eden is back with another heart pounding story that takes Lost to a new level. Since this is the 4th book in this series we have seen each character fall in love one by one while trying to discover the truth of each mission. But in this novel we seen two members of lost fall for one another while killers on the loose. 

Victoria and Wade both have secrets and they don't want them to surface but while on this mission they take there trust to a whole new level. While they are in Savannah hunting down leads to killer Victoria quickly becomes the next target and Wade will do anything to keep her safe. 

I truly loved this story. Eden brought a lot of mystery, sex, love, and lies that made this story one of my favorites in this series. I liked how Wade and Victoria ended up getting together and how they started to learn more about one another.

I also really enjoyed the mystery of who was behind the murders of the two women who went missing. By the end of the book I have to honestly say I was shocked speechless on who the killers were. Yup that's right.. It ended up being a team and I was pleased with how it was written. It just worked for me. 

And guess what?!? More LOST will becoming in the future because by the end of this book we meet two new members that I am excited to get to know and uncover there pasts and secrets on why they joined the group. 

This book is a must read just as the previous books in this series are. If you haven't read them you are missing out on the amazing world Eden has created. I would definitely advise getting Lost in this series! 

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