Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Playing Hard by Melanie Scott


Baseball fanatic Oliver Shields has had his eye on the ball since he was a kid. Playing for the New York Saints is a dream come true, and making the play-offs is a reason to celebrate years of dedicated field work and batting practice. The season isn't over yet, but meeting gorgeous Amelia Graham seems like a bonus grand slam—until one night of partying threatens to take Oliver out of the game for good…


All work and no play has always been Amelia's motto, earning her a coveted job on Wall Street job and the professional clout she's always longed for. Oliver is a real player—in more ways than one—and a distraction she doesn't need, especially given her dating record. When flirtation turns to attraction so fierce neither one of them can say good-bye, will Oliver and Amelia step up to the plate—and give love a chance?

I love sports romance novels and Ms. Scott's New York Saints series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It's sexy, fun and of course it includes my favorite sport baseball! 

Finally it's Oliver's turn to find his happily ever after. We first meet Ollie in book one where although he is the first baseman of the team he is also the ex and good friend of Maggie. At first I wasn't sure what to think about him because he had a reputation of a player off the field and he loved the game but after reading this book there is definitely more to him and I'm so glad Scott showed that. 

Maggie asks Ollie to give his new teammate Finn a ride home from a party that they were having for the team when they were in a car accident. Oliver was hurt more then Finn so Finn has taken over his first base duties. Basically these two cant stand one another. Finn wants Oliver's position. 

Enter Amelia ... She has been in NY for a while and her best friend asks her to look out for her little brother (Finn). But as Amelia and Oliver start to get closer it seems like her "family" is taking Finns side even if he is in the wrong and it's starting to hurt her new relationship with Oliver. Amelia doesn't want to hurt anyone but it's time to do what she wants and stepping up to the plate to go for what she has always wanted. 

I really liked these two main characters. Amelia was so sweet and genuine it kind of felt like she was taken advantage of most of the time by the people she was closest too. Even though Ollie was hurt for the whole book you could see how determined he was for his career and the woman who was beginning to mean so much to him. I just thought these two were a great match. 

I loved that Scott brought in the previous characters and not just a glimpse here and there. They ended up being a part of the whole book while Amelia and Oliver were figuring out what they meant to each other. 

I would have loved to see more baseball in this book but I was happy with the storyline overall. I'm happy to know this isn't the end of this series and Scott will give us Finns book later on this year. I'm hoping he can redeem himself from all the crap he did in this book. I just can't wait to read more of this series! 
Mass Market Paperback320 pages
Published February 2nd 2016 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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