Sunday, January 17, 2016

ARC Review: Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Sleepless in Manhattan: Midnight at Tiffany's BonusSleepless in Manhattan: Midnight at Tiffany's Bonus by Sarah Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Morgan is back with a new series that I believe has a lot of potential to be fun, loving and the journey that leads to a happily ever after for three very close friends.

This story takes place in NYC which I absolutely loved. Yes it's different from Puffin Island but I love how Morgan explains the city, the smells, the food, and the nightlife!

Paige is an event planner and is looking forward to getting the promotion that she definitely deserves but when she is laid off instead she has no idea what she is going to do. It just so happens her two best friends are laid off with her and with the help of her brothers best friend, Jake, new possibilities are on the rise along with love from the one man she has always wanted.

Jake was adopted at 6 years old by a neighbor and he is no longer the scared little boy he used to be. Jake is a successful CEO and has had his share of women. When he best friend asks him to help his sister get there knew company up and running he agrees but he didn't realize just how close they would be working together. After one night leads to more Jake needs to decide if he can let Paige go or keep the woman he was always meant to be with.

I really got into this story and the characters. I loved how they are all best friends, work together and live together along with Paige's brother Matt. These 5 characters may have different personalities but they friendships are close and it shows they would do anything for one another.

The story of Jake and Paige was expected but I loved how Jake wanted her but was confused on his love. He wanted to protect her yet help her succeed and sometimes that meant not treating her with kid gloves. In the book Jake is Paige's biggest fan.

I like the journey that Morgan took these two characters on. They start out as friends and it quickly turns into something more that has more of a meaning for them. There were times I wanted to strangle Jake but he more then made up for it at the end.

Morgan also includes some funny dialogue throughout the story that had me laughing out loud. One of my favorites was “So what is this? Fuck-a-friend day?” He was trying to shock her into backing off but she didn’t miss a stride.

If you love friends to lovers stories, fairytale happily ever afters and the big grand gestures I would definitely pre order sleepless in Manhattan!

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