Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Arc Review: Let It Breathe by Tawna Fenske

Let It BreatheLet It Breathe by Tawna Fenske

This book started out a little on the slow side but once I got past that it really started to take off. I thought the plot was different and I started to really enjoy the characters and the challenges that Ms. Fenske took them on.

The story starts off with Reese wanting to expand her family's winery and the company who will doing it is on there way. But she doesn't know that Clay will be the one doing the work. Years ago she spent time bailing him out of jail because of his drinking problem but now that he's sober she doesn't know if she could completely trust him.

Clay has always loved Reese and its hurt him with all the messed up things he did back then now that he's back he will do everything to show her that he isn't the same person. Clays been sober for 4 years but when things start happening on the vineyard he becomes a suspect he only hopes the friends he once let down know for a fact that he is innocent.

This story had some really cute and funny moments. I enjoyed Fenske's sense of humor that she brought into the characters. Axl (the grandfather) was absolutely the funniest 80yr old I have read in a book to date.

Along with the humor Fenske brought a little bit of drama and wtf moments. What I mean by the wtf moments is that Reese's ex husband is remarried and they are still best friends including his new wife. Eric is actually the wine maker for them. Also Clay is his best friend and has loved Reese from the moment he met her in college and slept together 15 years ago but Clay also slept with Reese's cousin Larissa. Lol see what I mean? I mean it was kind of like a soap but the humor had me forgetting how all these people were connected.

During reading I was kind of getting annoyed with Reese and how she was acting with Clay. It's like she wants him and they share some kisses but she doesn't really understand the man he is now. Eric was also saying stuff to Clay that kind of got on my nerves it's like dude back off he's not the same guy quit taking petty jabs at him already. Sometimes these two characters were frustrating!

But overall I enjoyed this book and how Clay and Reese finally ended up together. I was shocked to see who was actually behind all the things going wrong around the vineyard. It just wasn't who I was expecting which was a nice surprise.

The ending ends in a HEA and yet it leaves things open between them. They aren't in a rush to get married or have babies but the way I understood it was they have some things to work out and get a chance to know each other again before any of that will happen which I truly loved.

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