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Review: Whatever It Takes by L.E. Bross

Whatever It TakesWhatever It Takes by L.E. Bross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This is the second book in Bross's second chances series and while I loved the first book I didn't totally fall in love with this one the way I wanted to.

Ryan doesn't do serious relationships because of when his mother left when he was 16 and the girl he loved left as well for different reasons. Now that he is successful fun if just what he needs and wants well that is until he sees the girl who broke his heart.

Tess's dreams didn't have raising her 4 year old brother Noah by herself but dreams change. She is doing the best she can and yet she still can't catch a break. Running into Ryan again didn't go how she thought it would but the more time they spend together the more her dreams are starting to take on a new life.

I love second chance at love stories and this was definitely one of them. These two have been in love since they were kids which was sweet. I enjoyed how Bross took them on the journey of falling in love all over again.

These two just wanted a good time but after spending almost everyday together you can see when the feelings start to change and how well they actually are together. It's like the family they both wanted when they were younger.

There were a few things in this book I could have done without such as the whole father trying to sell his kid. But it was brought up and it ended but what exactly happened to the father in the end? Will Tess still see and talk to him? Just some stuff was left unanswered.

The while relationship with Ryan and Tess ended nice and I was satisfied but I did think they rushed into things a little fast but hey when it's love it's love.

It was good to revisit with Avery and Seth. I really liked them as a couple in the first book and I'm so glad to see them moving ahead and being happy.

Will there be another book? I hope so and I'm wondering if it will be Averys friend Shari. Hopefully her story will be next! If you love second chance at love stories as much as I do I suggest giving this series a try!

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