Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Arc Review: The One for Me by Sydney Landon

The One for Me (Danvers, #8)a

The One for Me by Sydney Landon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Danvers book and not only was it entertaining but I just adore how the characters were and how they came together.

Mark is not only rich and successful but he is the love em and leave em type of guy until his angel literally falls at his feet after weeks from wanting to find out who exactly she is.

Crystal secretly stalks Mark when she can but when she isn't feeling well leaves early only to throw up, confess her secret fantasies and pass out at the feet of her obsession but it can't get worse.. Can it?!

Holy hell this book had some serious humor and not the chuckle kind. I mean full out omg I would die if that happened to me humor. And when you think the humor will die down? Nope something else pops up. Landon did a great job in keeping me interested and wanting more!

I liked the characters. They were real and while each had there own issues they both knew how family could ruin your good mood.

Crystal was a bit shy and sheltered but I found her endearing. Mark on the other hand was in control, confidant and had a sexy edge in the bedroom. No matter how different these characters were they just worked and clicked.

The only thing I had a issues with was that because this was the only book I read in the series out of 8 books I was a little lost on who was who, who married who and what this company actually did. I'm sure this could be read as a standalone but don't make the same mistake I did. Start from the beginning.

As far as how the romance progressed I was pleased in the end. Sure Mark wanted her but it wasn't because she wasn't his usual. It was simple attraction that brought these two together and the chemistry that made them last.

A must read for 2016! It's cute, fun, and of course the HEA is a plus!

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