Saturday, December 19, 2015

Arc Review: Dating The Guy Next Door by Amanda Ashby

This is the first book I have read by Ashby and if all her books are cute and funny like this one I will definitely be reading much more.

In this book we meet Kate who is not only an artist but she owns her own gallery. She is divorced and has sworn off men until she meets her new neighbor, Matt.

Matt has his own business and is looking to settle down and have a family. His friend Keith airs it on the radio and suddenly women are tracking him down. Although his biological clock is ticking it seems to be only ticking for his new neighbor Kate.

This book was cute and different but it also dug in deep to emotional issues and fears. I enjoyed reading about these characters and how different they were. They came together so nicely. While Kate was messy and unorganized Matt was the complete opposite but they made it work.

I really liked the storyline and how it was the man wanting a family and the female didn't or wasn't so sure. This couple was real and the story felt real which is why I think I enjoyed it so much. They had a real issue to deal with and decide together if they could make it work between them or not.

All the secondary characters were likable but they all had partners or kids already so it looks like this won't be a series that has to do with friends but a series of meeting your neighbor and falling in love. I like the idea of that and I can't wait to see what Ashby will come up with next!

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