Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review: Ready to Rock by Cara Connelly

Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Save the Date Book 0)Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance by Cara Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a deep book that took two very different characters and intertwined them together by fate.

Lil is with her parents in a car accident when a stranger saves her life. Unfortunately her parents didn't make and she goes to live in Paris with her Uncle and cousin. Now 8 years she runs back into the stranger who saved her life.

Jack works construction by day but at night he's a total rock star. He tried to find Lil 8 years ago to make sure she was okay but no one would tell him anything. Jack is shocked when she finds him by mistake.

Now that Lil is older and the more time they spend together it looks like they were meant to be together after all. There is just a few things they have to make it through first and that will be a challenge.

I actually enjoyed reading this brand new book by Connelly. It was emotional but the characters were perfectly written. I loved how they met years before and then got reacquainted. These two are so different but end up having so much in common. They honestly just worked.

Not only is this book a romance but it has some suspense on what will happen to this couple? Why did Lils and Jacks parents die? What will the future hold for them since they lead different lives?

Well to find out you must read this book! If you love sexy rock stars that ride motorcycles and a man who goes after what he wants definitely give this a try!

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