Saturday, December 26, 2015

Arc Review: The Fractured Heart by Scarlett Cole

The Fractured Heart (Second Circle Tattoos, #2)The Fractured Heart by Scarlett Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Finally Cujo and Drea! Okay so if you read the first book you know these two tend to rub each other the wrong way when they are together but you can see it's more of an attraction thing then them actually hating one another.

So these two are planning an engagement party for there two best friends and they both have great ideas but working together isn't going to be easy for them. As the ideas start to come together Drea and Cujo begin to get closer but yet both are fighting it for two different reasons.

Again I think Cole did an amazing job and creating these two and very different characters. Drea not only has a big heart but she works damn hard to help her sick mom and pay the bills without having an once of fun. Cujo is funny, talented and has a sweet side which I just adored.

Just like the first book this story is told from dual povs which I just loved and it has the suspense on what is going on and how are all these things connected. I found the story unique but yet it had some emotional parts for both main characters. Some parts I actually got choked up at so just in case have issues near by.

We finally learn how Cujo got his nickname and I couldn't help but laugh. It's actually one of my favorite parts of the book.

The romance was sweet and didn't happen right away which was great. These characters had not only a lot going on but they really tried hard to work with one another so I thought that was great progress for there relationship.

While there story is going on you get clues on whose story will be next and I actually can't wait! Trust me this book is worth reading. This is one of my new favorite series and I can't wait to see where Cole will take these characters along the way.

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