Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: Shameless by Joan Johnston

Shameless (Bitter Creek #14)Shameless by Joan Johnston

I really like these two families and the rivalries they have. They say they hate one another but it's only foreplay for the stories that are to come.

This story plays alongside the previous book which was nice because it answered some questions from the other pov. At first I didn't really like Pippa. I felt she was a bit spoiled but after reading and learning why she came to America I understood why she the way she was. Devon was written so good hearted and I just loved him from the beginning.

This story is filled with drama but it's not boring. Sometimes it felt like a soap opera with who likes who and what happened with this person. And don't get me started on whose kid is whose and the lies that were told.

I enjoyed that Devon and Pippa had a friendship more then a romance for more then half the book. Although you can tell these two like one another they go slow because Pippa has been hurt and she is carrying another's man baby. I felt bad when Devon finds out. He was just in shock about finding out he isn't his fathers son then this.

Towards the end of the book 2 characters are missing from a fire so I know there book will be next and honestly I can't wait! Since this family feud has been going on for years I am dying to see what happens while these two are missing.

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