Saturday, December 19, 2015

Arc Review: All They Ever Wanted by Tracy Solheim

I enjoyed Solheim's other series so I thought I would give this series a try. It's a little different then what I expected but overall I really got into and was rooting for the characters.

Miles is in the middle of his campaign to be a congressman when his mother is hurt. He goes home to run his mothers b& b while she is healing only to find the cook/ maid Lori running things. Although Miles is attracted to her he knows she is hiding something and he wants to know what it is since his family has been hurt enough.

Lori is on the run from something that happened in her past. She is surprisingly starting to love this small town and the people in it. Although Lori knows she can't have a relationship with Miles but some fun together shouldn't be a problem until things start missing from the b & b and her past comes calling.

What I really liked about this book was how Solheim wrote the characters and that their jobs were unique. I don't think I ever read a romance book where there is an upcoming congressman as a lead character. These two couldn't be more different but when they were together I was totally in love with them.

I enjoyed the suspense of what Lori was on the run from and how it would come out. Needless to say I was completely shocked on what it was and lets just say it involves an FBI agent. Did that get your attention? I hope so!

I didn't read the first book in this series but while reading this one I didn't feel left out on what was going on or what happened in the past. So this could definitely be read as a standalone novel.

I would definitely pre order this book now if you haven't and join these characters for second chances!

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