Sunday, December 20, 2015

Arc Review: Just This Night by Mari Madison

I really enjoyed this story and the uniqueness of the plot.

Beth is trying to get over that her ex is now married to her younger sister. Her roommate thinks she needs a night out and definitely needs to get laid. Beth doesn't plan on going through with it until meets Jake aka Mac. After the night they spent together Beth thinks they could maybe have something until she realizes Jake is gone.

Jake can't stop thinking about Beth but he has a daughter to think about and her well being is more important. Now that he is starting his new job he hopes everything will eventually work out well that is until he realizes not only was Beth not a one night stand but that he will be working closely with her. Can these two make it work? Or will the job come first?

I really enjoyed Beth and Jake. I like how Jake wanted to help Beth and how quickly they had not only a friendship but it became more. I know Jake was confused on what he wanted but I loved how he fought himself in doing what he thought was right and what he wanted.

This story had some real cute moments and of course some sabotages to help end Beth's career. I was actually surprised to find out who was behind all the crazy things going on which was nice. I liked that suspense of it.

I adored how Beth and Jakes daughter took to one another. Although we see Jakes ex and learn the story of while he was starting over I never wanted her in the picture.

Madison is a new author to me and this book won me over. I am looking forward to reading more of this new unique series. I can't wait to meet the rest of the news team!

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