Saturday, December 12, 2015

Arc Review: Listen To Me by Kristen Proby

Listen to Me (Fusion, #1)Listen to Me by Kristen Proby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Proby has another hit series on her hands with her brand new series Fusion. This is the first book in the series and wow I couldn't put it down.

In this book we meet Addie who owns 1/5 of the brand new successful restaurant Seduction. Although the restaurant is doing great her love life has seen better days until the sexy ex rock star shows up looking for a job. Addie is determined to find the right guy for her and she is convinced Jake is not it but Jake is about to prove her wrong.

Jake had an successful career but after his band broke up he decided he liked producing but lately he has missed singing and playing his guitar. When he first sees Addie he knows he has to get to know her because there is something about her. Playing Seduction is just what he needs in his life and it also brings him closer to the woman he wants.

I'm going to start with the characters first... I loved them!! I liked that this series is about 5 best friends who are business partners. There conversations are real, funny and so entertaining. I couldn't help but fall in love with each and everyone of them. Addie was strong, independent, successful and unique in so many ways. Jake was the bad boy who grew up and became a man who was more then a rock star. He was absolutely delicious!

Addie and Jake had some great chemistry and not just in the bedroom. They joked, laughed and had some deep conversations that brought them closer together.

The sex scenes are detailed and it just so happens there are more then one and some contain dirty words. Ladies look out Jake is a stud!

As far as the plot goes again props for it being 5 women who owned their own successful restaurant. Majority of the book takes place there and I have to say Proby made it feel so real with the way it was described.

As I was reading I was waiting for something real dramatic to happen such as a kidnapping or something like that but overall I was extremely happy how it went.

I liked how Proby went into all the losers Addie dated and had her character grow and learn from each one to finally find "the one

This is a new series I am looking forward to reading and I can't wait for the next book!!

If you loved the with me series you will you will fall in love with this new compelling series by Proby coming April 2016!

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