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Review: The Aftermath by R.J. Prescott

The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2)The Aftermath by R.J. Prescott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although I liked the first I didn't fall completely in love with it. I was unsure what the second book would be like. I wanted it to be one of the guys but I'm happy to say I'm glad it was the second part of the story between Cormac and Em.

If you read the first book continue reading this if not stop because this might contain spoilers. Okay with that being said this story picks up where the last book left off. O'Connell and Em are married but it's not only O'Connells career that is on the rise but Ems stepfathers trial. Cormac doesn't want to fight he wants to be with his wife every step of the way during the trial but Em wants him to train to get ready for his first big fight.

Prescott takes you more on a emotional roller coaster from them being completely happy and trying to move on from the stuff that happened in the first book. Frank starts sending letters and pictures like the sick f*** he is and it's starting to mess with not only Em but O'Connells head as well.

I really enjoyed reading this and stayed up way past my normal to finish it. The characters are amazingly written and likable. It's not just an emotional story but it has some humor and sexy scenes that breaks up all the serious parts which I was thankful for.

The first book was from Em's pov and luckily this book was from O'Connells pov. I enjoyed getting inside his head to know what he was thinking and feeling. At times he was super intense but I enjoyed hearing his sweet thoughts and the love he had for Em.

As for the ending... In a way I was a little disappointed how things went down with Frank and Ems mother. I thought maybe it could have been done just a little different that could have made the ending have more of a real feeling. But I am glad that it's finally over and Em can really start to heal.

I have never been a fan of boxing but I love how Prescott walks you through the process and gives you the understanding of what really happens. The details were really great and I felt like I was there from the beginning of training to the end of the fight.

In this story we get more of the guys and who they are interested in. I hope Prescott decides to do a story on each one. These guys are close, funny and I think they have what it takes to have their own HEA.

This shouldn't be read as a standalone because you will miss the whole story of how Cormac and Em fall in love plus what happens to bring them closer together. Both books I recommend. Happy reading!

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