Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Wish You Were Here (Little Black Dress) by Phillipa Ashley

"Can a whirlwind romance ever go the distance?

When Jack proposes to Beth at the end of a holiday romance, she doesn't think twice--she knows he's The One. But then Jack walks out soon after their return, with no explanation, no nothing.

Eight years on and Beth finds a fantastic new job--working for Jack. She could definitely do without having to face him everyday, but then she can't do without the job...

As the two of them are forced to spend time together, Beth unravels the mystery of Jack's disappearance. Is there too much baggage for them to try again--or could they finally be in the right place at the right time?"

Beth Allen will do whatever she has to do. Since her father had an accident over six months ago she has been helping out in the family business. Now that business is slow she is looking to take on a part time position to earn money to send her younger sister to an expensive college. Who knew working in the travel industry could be interesting? 
Jack Thornfield is the new CEO at Big Outdoors travel company. It just so happens his assistant shows him Beth Allen's resume for the temporary position to be project manager. Not only does he know she can handle the job but is actually perfect for the job. The thing is 8 years ago they had a summer romance and he has felt guilty about it. Will Beth end up taking the job when she finds out who the CEO is? 

I thought this book was a little slow at times and felt myself kind of dragging to read it. It was a cute read with these two reunited lovers. Both, Beth and Jack were very likable and sympathetic characters. As their story progressed I became more interested and invested in it. Jack tends to come off as cranky but never with Beth. You can tell that Beth loves her job and is excellent at doing it. 

One thing I was disappointed in was the back story. I was expecting so much more. I wanted to hear more about the Jack part when he left 8 years ago. Until it is revealed you really don't get the full effect on why he left.

I am a sucker for happy endings and this book hit all the stops when it came to that part.  I love how it ended and was not disappointed. Phillipa Ashley did a great job on putting these two together again. What can I say, Romance is the key.

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