Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Author Jules Bennett

 Today I want to Welcome Author Jules Bennett... Take it away Jules !!

Is there chaos in your life? Seriously? I kid you not I feel like I'm never home and I've decided I'm going to ask the bank to pro-rate my payment. I mean, I only sleep here (and not every night) and I'm never home during the day. I think a pro-rated bill is more than acceptable:)

In the month of June alone, I had a 3 day conference, a wedding that will have me gone 4 days (10 hour drive), RWA Nationals in NYC (4 days), bible school with my kids (5 days), dance recitals and practices (4 days) and that's not counting all the errands I need to run or the book I need to write.

Have mercy, I'm exhausted and the month is only half over.

So here's my question. What do you all do in your down time? Do you have something that relaxes you? You can't say reading...that's too easy:) Personally, I like to work out, but I'd like to hear what you do and maybe it will inspire me to mix up my down time routine!

I'll be giving away a signed copy of my October Harlequin Desire, FROM BOARDROOM TO WEDDING BED? to one random person who give me a good idea;)

I want to Thank Jules for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it and I hope she will stop by again. Good Luck at winning her new release :) 


  1. Down time? Relaxation?
    What crazy kind of planet do you live on?
    If it's not a book, my kindle or my TV it doesn't happen.
    I'm kind of sad now. I want a hobby.

  2. In my down time I usually watch movies-I've tried other hobbies then reading, but they don't work. I'd love to win a copy of this book. buckeyegirlreads at gmail dot com

  3. Keri, I've decided authors need their own world of relaxation. There should be some all-inclusive resort JUST for authors to escape:)

    Buckeye Girl, I kickbox or read. Other than that, I'm really boring in my very limited down time:)

  4. lol down time hmmm sometimes i feel like i run around constantly and even though it is reading for me another thing i would say is putting puzzles together or my picture taking. and sometimes a all day movie day. but that happens rarely.

  5. Lol...we are all so busy these days... for downtime I like to either work on some kind of bead project - amature jewelry making or I like to do some cross stich or needlepoint project. One of these days I'm going to take knitting classes so I can learn to knit. I like to keep busy with my hands. If I'm not in the mood for either of those then I stop at Redbox and pick up 3 or 4 movies and veg out in front of the dvd player with a big bowl of popcorn and try to watch a comedy and a drama movie or a comedy and an action flick.

  6. For me down time usually revolves around shopping. I'll meet one of my friends in town (i live outside of town and rarely get to see anyone) for lunch and then we just wander around different stores just having fun,browsing, and enjoying not having my kids fighting or nipping at my heels.

  7. Lindsey, I would love to take good pics! One of my bff's from high school is a professioanl photographer and she is so talented!

    Maria, my sis is a knitter and she's made my girls some beautiful blankets! I simply wouldn't have the patience to sit still that long...LOL!

    Lolarific, now we're talking! Shopping with my sis, niece and bff is my favorite thing! Good call on down time ideas!

  8. I make sure that I get a few minutes (at least 15) of quiet time each day. I might just stare out the window but it works for me. I also like to dance around like an idiot! Exercising is always good but I don't think of that as down time. It's work! And if I really need to let go, I will go to the bookstore, grab a coffee and just walk the racks for a while!

  9. I spend a lot of time researching my next vacation and looking for good buys. In my family, we visit museums and historical sites and if we don't come back more tired than we left, we don't feel we've had a vacation.


  10. There is always chaos in my life & I find the best thing to do is try to be more organized & walk it off. The parks around here are beautiful in all seasons.


  11. Jen B, the closest bookstore to me is over an hour away. I'd love to be able to go, browse and grab a coffee. My dream day:)

    Anne, I totally agree! I always feel I need a vacation from my vacation because we come back so tired:)

    Marybelle, we walk a lot, too! We live in farmland surrounded by forest. Lots of nice places to walk with our girls. I suppose that's my down time, too:)