Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Vampire in Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon #7) by Alyssa Day

"The most unexpected of all allies to Poseidon's warriors has proven to be the fiercest-Daniel, a vampire and Night Guild mage. But even the strongest alliance can be destroyed when a vampire's oath crosses paths with a maiden's quest, and an eleven-thousand-year-old desire is reborn."
Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2011 by Berkley (first published April 19th 2011)

ISBN 0425241793 (ISBN13: 9780425241790)
primary language English
original title Vampire in Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon #7)
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Honestly speaking Vampire in Atlantis is one of the best books in the series!!! Day really outdid herself writing this book. You havent read the series you have no idea what you are missing. I am so glad I was brought into this exciting world that Day has created. It special and unique. I couldn't help myself just to fall head over heels in love.

Serai is an Atlantean who just so happens to been locked away and saved for a future King of Atlantis. Now here is the kicker....she has been trapped for over eleven thousand years! Yes, you read that right. LOL I couldn't Imagine but anyways she gets the chance to free herself and Oh- Boy does she take it. Cant say I blame her. Now in world she no longer knows, she has made it her mission to save the other Maidens who have also been locked away for the future. But the stone that keeps them captive is has gone missing . Can she save the other maidens before they reach their death?

Daniel is a Vampire who has only really had one true love, but that is eleven thousand years ago. Not happy with life anymore he had decided it is now time to meet the sun, meaning death. While in the process of taking his life he is confronted by a woman who he seems to remind him of his only love. Crazy right?! Well, it gets better! Now a choice has to be made, will he take his only chance at life now?

This story was amazing! Daniel is truly one of my favorite characters of this series. Day brings you not only love, but misunderstanding and betrayal. How everything plays out makes it a wonderfully fantastic read that I couldn't bring myself to put down. The characters jumped off the page and into my heart. I don't think I can say enough of how much I loved this story. The emotions that came with the characters was truly deep and had wondering who in the heck is behind all of stories. I loved how she brought back the characters for the earlier books. It was nice to re visit with them. Oh and let me mention you get more of  the High Priest everyone has been dying for?!? Squeeee!!!!
The next Warriors of Poseidon series is set to release in 2012 and is called Heart of Atlantis. Finally the tension between the High Priest and Quinn will be answered hopefully. If you haven't started this series, I seriously suggest you do so. I mean if you don't believe me ask Tori over at Smexybooks. This series will keep you intrigued and well invested in. I hope it doesn't end anytime soon. Happy Reading!

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