Thursday, June 16, 2011

Q & A / Giveaway with Author Alyssa Day

Today I want to welcome one of my favorite authors of all time. Not only has she brought the world of Atlantis for us to get lost in, but they keep coming and I just can’t get enough of these sexy Warriors. Please give a warm welcome to New York Times Best Selling Author Alyssa Day. 

Hi Alyssa *waves* thank you for taking the time out to talk to me about the wonderful series you have created. You have no idea how much this means to me. I am a huge fan and love the series!!! All these hot Warriors...Yummy!

I kind of love them, too.  :)

In the middle of writing Vampire in Atlantis you moved over to Japan. How hard or easy was that for you, picking up your family and moving to another country?

Actually, it was kind of hard.  Really, truly hard.  I almost didn't go.  It's ridiculously tough to pack up your life and family (and dog! oh, the quarantine requirements!) and move halfway around the world, but when you have a job that works on NY time, it's even tougher.  I was just finding my feet over here when the earthquakes and tsunami and nuclear disaster hit.  We in the U.S. military community worked very hard to assist with disaster relief, and then the U.S. State Dept. evacuated the families so the military folks could focus more intensely on the relief efforts.  So the kids and dog and I spent a month gypsying around the U.S. before returning here in late April.

I absolutely love the series Warriors of Poseidon, How did you come up with the story line? How long did it happen to take? 

I have always loved mythology and history and have always been fascinated with the lost continent of Atlantis.  I wanted to write a paranormal romance series with larger-than-life heroes, and when I combined that with my love of Atlantis the story was born.  The first image that came to my mind was Prince Conlan on that beach with Riley.  I SO loved seeing it come to life in a different medium in the music video.  You can see and hear it here:

Each character is so different. Which was your favorite character you had a chance to write about and why?
They are all my favorite characters when I'm writing them.  Ven is a special favorite with his sense of humor, and of course dark, tortured Daniel - the vampire who waited 11,000 years for his one true love!

Your latest release came out on June 7th and is called Vampire in Atlantis. Can you tell your fans a little about Daniel and Serai? And what could your readers look forward too?

It’s one of my most emotional books.  I loved watching Daniel and Serai overcome their own fears and their history while they are in danger on the quest to retrieve a lost jewel of Poseidon’s Trident.  Daniel is an 11,000 year old vampire and Night Guild Mage.  Serai is an Atlantean princess who has been frozen in magical stasis. When they find each other again - it's magic!

I have to tell you I loved Daniel!!! How did you come up with this story for him? 

My mind is a dark and twisty place.  :)

I hear Heart in Atlantis is next up to be released and I have to say I am dying to read it. Was his story hard to write with him being a High Priest

YES.  YES.  YES.  And a celibate high priest!!  And more powerful than anyone in the world! And in love with a rebel leader with a dark history of her own!

Are you able to tell us a little bit of what we can expect from his story? 

High Priest Alaric will finally take rebel leader Quinn on his own terms, even if he hast to drown the entire world to do it, in HEART OF ATLANTIS, coming in January.  Alaric is my most highly requested (begged for? Pleaded for? Demanded?) character, and I can’t wait to bring him his happily ever after.

Now this is a big question that I hope you are able to answer. How many more books are you planning on in the exciting series? And who else could we expect to hear from in the future? 

Alaric's will be the last full-length book for a bit, but there are several novellas upcoming.  (Denal! Alejandro! Reisen!)

Do you have any other series in the works right now? 

Yes!  I just sold a new series to my publisher, The League of the Black Swan!  You'll see the first book next year.  I can't wait for you all to meet Luke Oliver, the Dark Wizard of Bordertown!

I want to Thank Alyssa Day for taking the time to speak to me and get the scoop on your upcoming releases. I hope you will stop by again soon so I am able to pick your brain all over again. 

Thanks for inviting me!
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