Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Bad Girl By Night (H.O.T. Cops #1) by Lacey Alexander

"A steamy new series that will have fans on lockdown. Meet the H.O.T. cops, a group of alpha males trained in law enforcement-but naturally skilled at the art of pleasure.
The people of Turnbridge, Michigan, see Carly Winters as the respectable-yet painfully single- good girl. None of them knows what she does miles away, where she becomes Desiree, a seductress who lures men into nights of heated passion.
Until the day she's introduced to the new cop in town-Jake, one of the men who fulfilled her darkest fantasy. His arrival turns her safe world upside down. Carly's good and bad girl personas clash, and she must decide who she needs to be..."

Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2011 by NAL Trade

ISBN 0451233239 (ISBN13: 9780451233233)
primary language English
original title Bad Girl By Night (H.O.T. Cops, #1)
Received and Reviewed- originally posted at lovetoreadforfun.com

Holy Hell! Okay so this book kind of caught me off guard. Its not that I didn't love it which I did, but the emotions and  the hot sex was just chart topping. In my next life I want to be just like her. Now this was my first ever Lacey Alexander book and boy was it amazing! Now I am so intrigued I want to go back and read some of back list. So before I get on to the review. I must say I have had this thing for Strong Alpha Males in Law Enforcement so this to me was a must read. 

This book is just more than a steaming romance but starts off with a big explosion!!!! Getting involved with the characters was not an issue. They became so lovable in a way.

Carly Winters lives in a boring little town called Turnbridge where everyone knows everything about everyone. She is known not to date, but these people of her hometown that on some nights she turns into her alternate personality and calls herself Desiree. Desiree is different from Carly. She dresses up in more fitting clothes and travels to a town nearby to have some hot and anonymous sex. And its really hot sex I must add. 

In a bar one night she meets Jake and his friend Colt and they have one of these hot nights. What she doesn't know is this might all come out to play differently than she expects.
Jake is a newly hired officer in her small town. He wanted a change from the big city. One day he is eating lunch and is introduced to Carly. He looks into the eyes of a woman who left him a sleep and he never thought he would see her again. Jake can never forget Desiree and the hottest sex of his life. He is shocked beyond belief when he sees her and finds out that her name is actually Carly. Jake is determined to uncover Carly’s secrets and make it back into her bed but of course Carly is scared that everyone will find out her deepest secret.

Now believe me their is a plot so do not worry. Actually it becomes into kind of an emotional one when they finally get together. The scenes between these characters will more then set you on fire. Lacey Alexander bring you some really hot men who happen to have some troubled past but want to work through them. 
This is a must read for anyone who loves erotic romance. I actually enjoyed all the characters. The plot kept me interested. And it is truly one hot read!!! I am dying to get my hands on the next book in the series called Party of Three, which will be available in March of 2012. Its a wait ,but I have this feeling it will be worth the long wait. I hope you enjoy this scorching read as much as i did. Lacey Alexander is a MUST buy! Happy Reading!


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