Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Demons Prefer Blondes (Demons Unleashed #1) by Sidney Ayers

"With demons the hottest new heroes in the romance category, this is a fantastic debut paranormal.

When beautiful half-succubus Lucy Gregory's antique chest unleashes a Pandora's box of demonic activity in a suburban beauty salon, brooding demon Rafe arrives to run damage control. He's darkly sexy and everything she's avoided-icy and reserved-but that only adds to his mysterious appeal. Being a demon, he knows he should be able to resist Lucy's charms, but his resistance is slipping at the worst moment. And Lucy has no idea of the power she possesses..."
  Lucy Gregory happens to own a beauty salon and actually enjoys it. She also enjoys spending time with her fun friends. One of her friends brings her an antique chest that she wants Lucy to translate the script that is carved on the box. They come to find out that the box is damned. Lucy has to know for sure and opens the box. Now she has released chaos into the world. Can she set it right?

The high council summons Rafe Deleon to get the box. Not only has chaos broken out in the human world but in the demon world as well. Rafe's help is needed more than ever. He wants to go and save his sister who just so happens has sacrificed herself . But the high council has something else on their agenda. Since this damn chest has gone missing and has some how ended up on Earth its up to Rafe to retrieve it before all hell breaks out on Earth. Will he be to late?

I am not going to say to say this was my favorite book ever because frankly it started out slow in the first few chapters and all the action was saved pretty much until the end of the book. The characters seemed very fun and they for sure had their witty moments but for me it just wasn't enough. They didn't take the situations very series and just continued to keep brushing the matter at hand a side. Just acting like all this just so happens to be normal kind of annoyed me at times.

Also this book had more
then enough dialogue but left out a lot of explanations. I felt the background of the book was done in spurts. I have read plenty of books where there is a lot of background needed especially in the first book of a series but this lacked it and I found myself confused at times on what was really going on.

I am not saying this was a bad book at all but I was left wanting more. Hopefully the next book in the series will be so much better. It was a good start to the series I just wish somethings would have been explained better. I am looking forward to continuing the series and hope it gets better. Happy Reading!


  1. This one looks like it had a lot of potential! I hate it when the action is saved till the end of the book.

  2. I don't like when they act like its no big deal about things that aren't normal for a book. I hope your right and the next one is better.
    Thanks for the review.