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Review: Past Midnight by Jasmine Haynes

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"Jasmine Haynes spices things up in Past Midnight, as a husband and wife satisfy every craving—and push past every inhibition...

Erin and Dominic had the perfect life—until a devastating blow rocked their marriage to the core. Now they only reconnect after dark, when sleepless nights become hours of ecstasy as they soothe emotional pain with physical pleasure—but still wake up feeling distant and alone.

Dominic refuses to give up on the relationship. To save their marriage, he sets up erotic adventures that take them far beyond the boundaries of both their comfort zones. As their love life moves from the privacy of their bedroom to public parties and sex retreats where anything is possible, will Dominic and Erin form a deeper bond...or will they lose it all?"

Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: May 3rd 2011 by Berkley Trade

ISBN 0425240940 (ISBN13: 9780425240946)

Erin and Dominic had not only a great marriage but a loving one as well. Until the day they loose there son unexpectedly. Now its been over a year, Erin and Dominic don't speak unless its about the business they own. Can this couple heal each other or will they finally call it quits? 

Now when I started this book I wasn't so sure about it. As soon as I started the book I was pulled into a depressed and emotional cluster. I am all for a great plot but this was just depressing. I didn't want to read about them loosing a son in an erotic book. Now I do understand that tends to be a part of life, but when you are ready to cry in a book that is supposed to add flush to your cheeks I just couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting this. I was thinking it had to do with something completely different. Well, of course I was wrong. 

Dominic loves Erin more than anything in the world. All he wants is his loving wife back. He decides to take her away not only to try and save her but their marriage as well. Dominic, I has no issues liking. He was controlled, sweet, caring and most of all patient. Hey, the man only wants his wife back and he would do anything to make that happen. Who wouldn't want a man like that? I hated the fact that he tried to be there for her and only got the silent treatment after sex after. I am sorry that isn't good enough for me. 

Erin on the other hand I couldn't stand from the first chapter. Now I was willing to give her a chance, but she was bitchy and selfish. She disregarded her husband and his feelings when he needed her. It was unbelievable. On that note I can understand her being upset about loosing her child, but acting the way she does is just wrong. I wanted to choke her at times for Dominic. She would ignore him unless it was Past Midnight. Poor Dominic. 

Overall I wasn't left flushed or satisfied after reading this. I had a really hard time getting lost in this story. I will say there was one good sex scene that I flushed for. Now who is to say that someone else might actually enjoy there story but It just wasn't my cup of tea. I am not saying I wont read any of her other books but I will have to be careful which ones I will decide to dive into. 

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