Monday, May 23, 2011

Q & A with Lynsay Sands & Giveaway!!

Today I want to welcome one of my favorite authors of all time. Not only has she brought me a new world to get lost into, but they keep coming and I just can’t get enough. Please give a warm welcome to New York Times Best Selling Author Lynsay Sands.

I know you have tons of books out and I am trying to make it through your back list, but out of curiosity how long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I learned to string sentences together to make a sentence. However, I’ve only been published since 1997.

Wow. That is great! I love your Argeneau series! It’s really to die for. How did you come up with the wonderful world that you have created?

It was a fluke.  Two writer friends and I were chatting on MSN, one of them was Christine Feehan who writes the Dark series, the other, Melanie Jackson, didn't write vamps, but suggested the three of us should write an anthology together for Halloween. CF could do a dark story, I could do humorous and Melanie would do her own version. I laughed and said if we did that you know my vamp would have to faint at the sight of blood or something. I threw out a couple more ideas we laughed over (I was known for humorous historicals at the time) and then we changed the subject. We never did the anthology but the ideas stuck with me and I finally had to write them down. The minute my editor heard I was writing it, he asked to see it and then contracted for the first three books.  It was easy as that.

That seems like fate, but Up to date what is your favorite book you have written and why?

Christian Notte’s story, which is coming out December 27th, 2011.  Oh, I had such a good time writing his story.  I didn’t want it to end and actually went about 50,000 words over the allowed word count and then had to shrink it down.

I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is because I was able to bring in a whole new set of characters and bring back a couple of older, much loved ones that worked so well together. But the main reason is I just fell in love with Christian. He’s a doll. A hottie. And the chemistry between he and Caro was great. Plus, I put the poor guy in some lovely pickles. Seriously, if he was a real person, he’d probably hate me for what I did to him, lol. But I got him out of the pickles in the end too so maybe he’d forgive me… He might not forgive his relatives so easily for their “help” in “hooking him up” with Caro.

OMG!! I cant wait to read Christian!! You have me super excited now! He has interested me since he first arrived!!

Your upcoming release is The Reluctant Vampire. What can we expect from Harper and Drina?

Hmm… Well see, Harper lost his lifemate, Jenny, during her turn and has been pretty depressed. He blamed himself for her death and has remained in Port Henry to be around his newfound friends (Elvi, Vincent, Mabel, D.J., etc.), who have become like family to him. Then Drina Argenis (aka Argeneau) arrived to look after Stephanie. Sounds pretty depressing so far, huh? But trust me it isn’t. It just couldn’t be with Stephanie McGill there playing cupid to the pair. Good Lord! She shocked even me a time or two with her antics. And Harper…well, the poor man is just at a loss against the teenager. It was lot’s of fun!  <WG>

I totally want to be paired with one of these hot Immortals. How do you decide what male/female end up together?

Hmm… actually my characters are the ones that decide who ends up with whom.  If they don’t come forward when I’m writing a story then they don’t get written.  Unfortunately, if I try to force a couple together, they usually don’t work very well together and I end up having to start a fresh story.

Now I have to ask this. I love Bricker! Will he make an appearance in the new book ? And when will he have his book?

Justin will eventually get his story but not quite yet.  You will have to wait for his but in the meantime he will be the comic relief. Besides he’s pretty young yet and still enjoying life and all the liberties that immortality has brought him.  He can handle a little wait. 

Justin will be appearing in Teddy Brunswick’s novella called  “The Bite Before Christmas” in his usually humorously helpful role but then he’ll be taking a little hiatus until he reappears in Jeanne Louise’s story coming out next year.  

O_o Jean Louise? I am really excited to see how her story plays out. Okay I will try and wait for the man of my dreams but in the mean time... Are you working on any upcoming series that we will have to look forward to?

I just finished the final book (Lisa Madison’s book) in the Madison Sisters’ series, which is coming out in April, 2012.  Other than that I have no immediate plans to write anything as I am due for a vacation, which will hopefully be soon and in Italy! 

I have to say so far I love the Madison Sisters and Lisa is on my list to read. I can't wait to read her side of events!

Now my question for you and your readers… Any ideas on good places to visit or eat when I go to Italy?  I’m all ears! 

With the best answer I will be giving away her newest release The Reluctant Vampire. Help Lynsay out and give her some wonderful ideas on Italy. In meantime I want to Thank Lynsay Sands for taking the time to speak to me and get the scoop on your upcoming releases. I hope you will stop by again soon and have a wonderful trip in Italy : ) 


  1. Although I have never been to Italy, my husband and I have wanted to go to Turin (Torino)since watching the 2006 Winter Olympics. We have all seen the footage. What a gorgeous place. Italian culture at it finest with it's barogue architechure, historic palaces, excellent museums, many artisan shops, and great restaurants and cafes. Turin would be an amazing city for you to visit.

  2. Go to Florence and any where in Tuscany. Both are amazing places and not as touristy as Rome or Venice. My suggestion for food is to always go away from the tourist areas and eat where the locals are. That's where you'll find the best food. Also try the street carts they are cheap and REALLY good!


  3. I have not been there so I do not have a good answer, I did however, google it :)

    This website has some promising information:

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  4. That was a great interview, with lot of good information about you and your books. I like to here about my authors and up coming books. Your a wonderful writer and i can't wait for your new books. I have not been to Italy so I can't help you, but I hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. I have never been to Italy, so I can't really help you. But I would love to see all the old buildings. I love history so that would be one of my favorite things about visiting anywhere.

    I LOVE all your books! You are definately an autobuy for me, whether PNR or historical, I know that I will be reading an amazing book with a great deal of humor added, which I love. PLEASE keep writing stories, and I will keep buying them!

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  6. I just started this series and really am enjoying it! I tried not to read to many couple spoilers but these are fantastic.

    Great interview!

  7. I love this series so much!! Ive never been to Italy so I dont have the best answer but my Sister when and she said pretty much any of the mom and pop owned places were the best they were usually hidden and always packed. The pasta was her favorite everywhere she went..

    GFC Follower: Kristen-SeeingNight

  8. florence, definitely!! I haven't been to italy but my friend has, and she told me you can eat good food and visit for great Renaissance History of the place.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I would love to give you ideas but my one and only visit to Italy was not so good. I caught a cold just before taking the train from Switzerland to Northern Italy. The weather in Italy was hot and steamy. There was no air conditioning in our hotel. And, our hotel was located at the top of a huge set of steps and all the stores and restuarants were down below. I do not have good memories of Italy!! May your trip be way better than mine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I have to say I havent personally been to Italy yet myslef. But I hope one day to get the chance to visit.

    As far as resturants I would suggest any place that has excellent Italian food......LOL Ohh Ohh and you should check to see if any of them make American Food, and see if its anything like the food we have here! ;0)

    Thanks for the interview and Giveaway ladies!

  11. Who could bypass the colosseum or the little small town bistros?

    Hollybwright at comcast dot net

  12. I have never been to Italy but I would love to see Rome and the theatres.

    Love this series. Cant wait for the new one.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  13. My step-fathers family is from Italy and they say to go to the country and grab a bike and ride. You'll come to beautiful villages where the people are lovely and generous.

    The food in the local areas should be experienced not just in cities if you want a real taste of Italy.

    I love these books. Just found them a couple months ago :).