Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway: A Day in the Life of an Admin Please Welcome Nicole

A Day in the Life of an Admin

So Danielle and I were tweeting back and forth on twitter and she was looking for some guest posters. I told her if she ever needed, I could try and come up with something fun to post. Little did I know what I was getting into he he ;).   First, maybe a bit about me, before we get to the more juicy parts *G*. Oh, and I should mention, that if you stick with me through the boring bits, there’s contest info at the end he he. 

My name is Nicole and I’m Shiloh Walker’s admin/assistant, whichever you prefer to call me.  For my “day” job, I’m an attorney in Kentucky and practice family law. Before you even ask, nope I don’t give out advice without a consult ;). So please, no emails, DMs, FB messages etc even asking for information. *G*.  I have 1 dog of my own and my roommate has a dog as well. Both girls are lab mixes, mine is a black lab/dalmatian mix who is almost 10, and the roommate’s is a chocolate lab mix who just turned 5.  They’re extremely rotten and inseparable.  Here lately they’ve had cabin fever, as they spent all winter and most of the spring cooped up inside the house.  Hmmm, other things I do…well, I read A LOT and I garden.  I tend to read PNR and UF with some contemp romances and RS thrown in here and there for good measure.  I recently discovered I like RS and am looking for some new authors to read in that genre. I’ve read Shi’s of course and really like Maya Banks’ KGI series. 

Danielle was interested in what I do for Shiloh…what things I help do. Honestly, it’s nothing all that spectacular, just help her with some business things that she has to do.  Things like keeping up with contest winners (emails/addresses), the occasional review requests (see Shiloh’s FAQ page for Dorine’s email as she handles these requests normally, I’m talking about when Shiloh specifically asks for people to do reviews, which happens occasionally), set up book signings if Shiloh wants to do one for an upcoming release or if she’s going to be in an area and is interested in doing one there, help scout various pirating sites and let her know of any works so she can send take down notices. Sometimes I check blurbs she may put up on the blog to make sure nothing it overly spoilerish (I love doing this!!).  Hmm, what else? I do try and keep stuff organized for her…here lately that means keeping track of when she’s asked for reviewers; who she selected for which book.  With a convention (Lori Foster’s Reader Get Together) coming up at the beginning of June, I’m keeping track of and reminding her of some things she wanted to do for it (a raffle item, etc).   If you’re coming to Lori’s let me know, would love to say hello! 

One big thing she is now doing is a fan board. So, I’m helping out with that…posting, making sure things run smoothly, monitoring activity, etc.  Stop by and say hello! Right now it’s a fairly basic board. There’s no need to register at this point. For that first post, you fill in an info page and it saves that info for future posts. All you have to do is enter a captcha code each time.  Through the end of the month, Shiloh is drawing one random person who posts each week for a random prize (ebook, book off the backlist, etc). Make sure you read the contest disclaimers, though. 

 Basically, anything I can do to help her have more time to write and spend with her family, I’m willing to do.  I do want to make sure you lovely readers know I don’t really get anything for it, I volunteer my time to help out. Shiloh will occasionally send me books and yes, I get ARCs, even though I told her that wasn’t necessary.  I can be kind of evil at times and go purchase her stuff and not tell her about it *G*.

One last thing, make sure you follow me on Twitter/FB. I occasionally will do a contest. Note, however, though that FB contests have ceased due to FB’s new policy. So most contests will be either twitter, on Shi’s blog or the fan board, or some sort of combo of those 3.  But, I do still put fun things on FB (information on signings, etc) and interact with peeps there, which is fun.  My twitter is @admn_swalker. FB is   Hope to see you all around! 

Now, since you’ve all stuck with me through that bit of boringness, on to what you really want…the contest info.  Shiloh has been gracious enough to let me offer a copy of Hunt Me, a Hunter’s series short story. It’s an ebook only and is in PDF format.  All you need to do is comment below.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m on the hunt for some good RS novels. Right now I prefer standalones because I have a LOT of series I’m currently reading and it’s getting harder to add any new ones to the list.  So, let me know what RS I should read. Don’t read RS? That’s fine, give me a good standalone romance or UF novel and why you like it.   Now, not to be a downer, but there are some rules. First, you’ve read the disclaimer on Shiloh’s website…it pretty much outlines the main rules she and I use for contests.  Second, since this is an ebook, you agree to not share, sell, post online, etc the book. It is for the winner’s use ONLY.   The contest is open for 24 hours. I will draw one commenter at random and I will post to twitter and the message board the name of the winner. I will NOT contact you directly, so make sure you follow me on twitter and/or check the fan board.  The winner will have two (2) weeks to email me at the address below to claim the prize. If the winner fails to do so, the prize is forefeited, I won’t draw another name.  

If you have any questions about Shiloh’s books, me, etc and can’t find the answer on Shiloh’s FAQ page, around the blog…there are 2 ways to ask. There is an Open FAQ thread on the fan board or you can email me at grimmhunter.shilohwaker(at)gmail(dot)com.   Happy Reading!!


**You heard Nicole and all the rules. I am a Shiloh Fan myself so this is big news. So on Friday May 27th before 4pm, Nicole will Draw a winner. Please remember all the rules.  Thank you Nicole for stopping by. I hope to have you again soon. And Good Luck to everyone who enters.**


  1. I recently read Beasts Behaving Badly and really liked that. It was funny, no real suspense. It's more bad guy finds his mate. I laughed out loud a bunch of times. I think it's part of a series, but the first book I've read in the series.

    I think it's cool that you get to help Shiloh out, so that she can actually live a life! Haha.

  2. I love the Hunter's Series and would love to read this short. and it was not that boring to read through. It is awesome that you get to help her like that.Thanks for all the work you do so she has mnore time to write.


  3. I rarely read stand alone books. They all seem to become series lately. I really liked NOCTURNE by Syrie James.

    You have a cool job.


  4. I already bought Hunt Me but I wanted to stop and say hi to Nicole.... you are doing a great job!