Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Teresa D'Amario

Please give a warm welcome to Teresa D' Amario
Hi Danielle, and thanks so much for having me at your most awesome blog!
Everyone knows I'm the worlds worst blogger, but today is a special day for me.  It's the finals of American Idol!  wooot!  Ok, why is that special?  Just cuz I like it is all.  I think this year is kind of special because it shows that the American people don't always want the "bad boy" or "girl" to win, because both in the finals are good kids.  Both have good voices, and both care about others.  They are a bit young, but hey, they're kids. 
So anyway, I was talking with someone on facebook and realized how much like authors these kids are.  They have to learn the hard way how to handle the rejection in their chosen field, and unlike us, theirs is quite public.  Me, if I get rejected, I run a nice hot bubble bath and hide amid the suds.  They get cameras shoved into their faces,and mics, and their lives will never be the same.
But there's one thing the kids on American Idol have probably NEVER had to deal with that authors have to deal with.  They never had to choose between vinyl and digital.  Or for books, paper and digital.  For those two youngsters, since they were old enough to care, there's always been an ipod or an mp3 player.  They had the choice of buying their music on cd or on digital computer files. 
They are the first to be totally digital with music.  In my parent's day there were vinyl records, and that was all.  Then in the late 60's came reel to reel tape and vinyl.  And then in the 70's came cassette tapes and vinyl. In the 80's came cd's and vinyl.  And lastly, in the 90's came the mp3's and vinyl.  Interestingly one of those choices has always remained the same.  Vinyl.  Sure, it's a more rare choice, but the ability to buy records still exists.  DJ's use them all the time.  Don't ask me the price, because I haven't bought one since the 80's.  It's kind of nice, though, to know the old faithful that's been around for about 90 years.
Authors and readers, though, are in the burgeoning new society and our life is changing just like the music industry.  We now have something more than just paper.  In the old days most books were hard cover and they looked amazing on our bookshelves.  I still have some I've collected from back in the 30's and 40's.  The oldest book I have was published in 1890.  I keep it in the same condition I acquired it in.  Then, through the years came the paperbacks.  I remember as a child reading every paperback my grandmother kept in the house.
And now, I have a kindle, and I read nothing but ebooks.  I think, in the time I've had my kindle, the only print books I've purchased were ones that I use for research.  Like the vinyl of today, for me print books have a place.  They will have a place for many years to come.  There will always be the hardcore reader who refuses to move into anything other than print.  That's okay.  Why?  Because it's their choice. And those books have their place.  My office is filled with two bookshelves layered three deep with novels and research books.  My desk is filled with my special keepers, and in my hallway are more reference books and an old encyclopedia set which is probably worth nothing.
And yet, I read ebooks.  I write ebooks, and as such I support both!  For me, the world of ebooks opens up a whole new world of books I wouldn't have had the chance to read otherwise.  It opens up a speed in which I love being accustomed too.  I don't have to rush to the book store when my desired book is released so I can get it on release date.  Instead, I hang around till 3 in the morning on the day of release, waiting for amazon to let it go. Or, waiting for their different epublishers to release it. 
Even though the music world has been turned on it's ear in the last 20 years, the old, trusted vinyl still exists.  And like that, I believe the print book will always be around, for those of us who love them.  For those of us who collect them.  And then, there's the awesome ebook, for those of us who have no patience, and love the convenience of speed.
So, here's the ultimate question - Do you believe, like I do, that the print book will always remain? or do you believe, like others, think if the continuation of the ebook market will kill the print book? 
One person who leaves their opinion will receive a copy of one of my books.  Which they receive will be based entirely upon the comment they leave. After all, both print and ebooks both have their place.
Keep it nice and friendly, please!
Blurb for Tigress by the tail:
Lance is a Wizard. He’s not a great wizard, but he’s all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is.

Cassie is a Shifter. A tigress to be exact. Raised by her father after her mother’s death she’s as well adjusted as any shifter can be, and still live in the human world, hiding who and what she is.
Bliss comes to a screeching halt the night Satanist kidnap Cassie and her best friend to use as sacrifices to bring forth their Dark Lord. When Cassie literally collides into Lance, she begs him to help them escape their captors, despite the dangers. The couple work together to save the life of Cassie’s friend, only to discover a shocking passion driving them closer together at a time when both should be devastated. But when Lance overhears Cassie’s father threaten his life, he heads for the hills. Cassie follows, determined to clear up the confusion. But evil is still afoot and Cassie is taken by a secret government organization dedicated to the eradication of all things magick. Is Lance willing to put his life on the line for a woman he believes is out to kill him? Especially when he realizes the organization that’s taken her, is the one he works for?
Thank you Teresa for stopping by. I really Appreciate it and I hope to have you back soon. 


  1. Hi Teresa -

    I already posted but it appears to have gone the way of the wind. So here we go again, this time a quick answer. Yes, I think books will always be around.

  2. Hi Victoria, thanks for stopping by! (From Teresa)

  3. So while we're here, which is your favorite picture on Danielle's blog? I think I like the one under the cowboy shot the best.

  4. Hey guys!
    What a great comparison-I truly hope paperbacks don't go the way of records, but who knows? I love my Nook, but I still read heaps of paperbacks.

    But how much cooler would it have been in college to have an e-textbook rather than the super heavy books all piled in our backpacks? my back and shoulders would love that! and you could highlight in your reader, y'know? if only..

    but then I think of my kids reading their bedtime stories, and I love watching them "read" through and point at the pictures. I know you can get a tablet and read in color, but I just don't see children's books ever being replaced.

    OOh, that's a mighty nice lookin' man, but I think the one where the guy has the chick's arms above her head...sigh...I want that :)

  5. Hi HighlandHussy, thanks for stopping by. I have to agree, that children's books should stay available in print for a number of reasons, including teaching them the pure joy of reading. IN addition, could you imagine a kindle in the hands of a 3 yr old learning to read. Yikes. LOL. No, I think regular print books work better all the way around for young children.

    And yep, that's an awesome shot, I agree!

  6. Hi Teresa,
    Yes I hope that printed books stay around forever I like them better.I haven't read your books because I didn't now about you but now that I do I'm going to get some of your books,this one sounds great.


  7. Hi Teresa

    thanks for the gveaway...you maybe surprised how many of my fav authors really enjoyed this book...so your will be a new author to me...

    chele blades

  8. Hi Wtranah, and Chele, thanks so much for your kind words. I look forward to hearing what you both think of my work after reading. And yes, I think printed books will be here for at least the next hundred years. :)

  9. I have two favorite photos here. The shower is of course a favorite but I am also drawn to the last photo on the right - back tattoo w/very nice bum ;)

  10. I would be both lost and devastated if print was lost. Currently I am still reading print only and with the mountain of books I have I do not see that changing soon.

  11. Victoria, OH yeah, that tattoo is very nice (whistles innocently).

    Robin, we're gonna have to find a way to get you an ereader. Just to expand your horizons, not to replace what you have (as if you don't have enough books to read). LOL

  12. I truly hope that print books will always exist. If you are a Dr. Who fan you will know the episode with The Library. Just imagine every book ever printed in one place. Sigh! Unfortunately, I think books will eventually be all digital.

  13. I think print books will always exist, just not in such great numbers as now.

  14. I think that print books will be overcome by ebooks eventually. Everything is part of a cycle, and I believe the print book is at the end of its'.

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  15. Hey Jen, LOL I think I know the scene you mean. Mbreakfield, I'm with you on that one. Meggerfly, I kind of hope you're wrong. I kind of hope we have another generation or two before we have to give up our glorious print books. :D They're kind of awesome, in a historic sort of way.