Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Bonded In Brazil by Rhiannon Ellis


A few missed loan payments, and a family of Brazilian vintners stands to lose the fruits of four generations of labor. To save the business, devoted daughter Eliana Menino strikes a deal of her own to work off the family debt in service to the man she calls demonio--devilishly handsome private investor Hale Forester.


Uprooted from her childhood home in exotic Brazil to work for Hale at his sprawling Napa Valley estate, Eliana soon realizes that the ruthless man who can make or break her family has a secret past ... and the power to break her heart."

Paperback, First Edition, 178 pages
Published March 25th 2011 by Camel Press
ISBN 1603818464 (ISBN13: 9781603818469)
primary language English

When you get a review book by an author you don't know about what do you do? I get all jittery. Will I like it? Hate it? But only one to find out and open the damn book so I did and it blew all my expectations. It wasn't what  I thought it would be but needless to say I enjoyed it. 
It's such a sweet and a tad spicy romance story about a feisty young woman bonded as a servant to the 'Demonio'. As Eli attempts to save her family legacy from his clutches she learns and grows. This was more than a page turner but the characters are more than likable even if you end up not liking some. I hope that makes sense. LOL  
The story just draws you into a whole new world and it might not be one what you are used to. A terrific novel that's not only sexy and exotic but had me emotionally connected. I loved the book from the beginning and had a hard time putting it down especially the nights I had to cook. 
The main characters are from two different worlds but the way they come together its more than fun and believable. Bonded in Brazil was wonderfully written. The descriptions are all there and it goes to show you every book is worth starting even if you arent so sure about what could happen. I am looking forward to reading more books by Ellis.

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