Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Tour: Giving Up The Ghost By Melissa Ecker

"Kylie McAllister has it all until her world is shattered by the death of her husband, Jackson, in a car accident. After a year of grieving, Kylie uses the proceeds from Jackson's life insurance to purchase a plantation home on the outskirts of New Orleans to start over with their daughter, Abby. Confirmed bachelor, Ryan LaCroix, has no intentions of settling down with anyone, let alone his best friend's widow, but somehow Kylie and Abby find their way into his heart.

After discovering an old Ouija board in the attic of her new home, Kylie unwittingly opens a cosmic door to an incubus who pretends to be the dead husband she is so desperately struggling to let go of. She falls deep under his potent spell of delicious sex and malevolent obsession while he gradually drains her life to fortify his own. By the time she realizes he's an imposter, she is powerless to stop him. Together, with Jackson's subliminal guidance and the help of a kind voodoo practitioner, Ryan and Kylie wage a fight for her life against the evil entity


So this is my very first Blog Tour so be gentle with me. LOL It's not a secret that I love Melissa Ecker and I love her writing. She tends to bring out so many damn emotions in her characters that I just can't get enough of. As much as I loved her previous books I had a problem with this one. In this book the dialogue didn't sound like her from her previous books. Giving Up The Ghost was not what I was expecting at all. I know she has made a excellent name for herself in the erotic/ romance genre but I am not really sure what to think about her heading into the paranormal genre.

I honestly had a hard time connecting to the characters. Was the book emotional sure, I mean she lost her husband. Now I have a husband and I couldn't imagine what in the world I would do. One minute your seeing them as a couple, which I loved. Their family was all warm and how I want my family to be until the day her family is torn apart by this car accident. To be honest I wanted more Jackson and more of the family life.

What caught me off guard is when his best friend steps in.  I think that's all great but I couldn't see me doing and going through all that. I also thought it lacked on the smut and usually Melissa brings all the smut in the world. Kylie over all had a great family and that's all I can say I connected with. 

I have high hopes for Melissa Ecker's next release and I am really looking forward to it. Just because I wasn't totally in love with this book does not mean at all that someone else wont fall in love with it. I think I just wanted more love and not so much more paranormal. Overall Ecker will always be on my auto buy list.


  1. Great review D~it's sometimes hard to get used to a writer writing in a different genre then what you are used to them writing.

  2. Thanks for the honest and fair review. I've read some books that I just didn't gel with but so many other people did. I will check this one out.

  3. Thanks for the honest review. I think this book looks really interesting and I would love to see what my take on it is.