Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: Just What I Needed by Lorelei James


This is book two in the Need You series by Lorelei James and while it was a great book I did miss reading about cowboys. 

In Just What I Needed we meet Trinity who is definitely having a bad day. First she misses her commission, then her friend hooks up and leaves her drinking alone but to top it all off her ex is at the bar with his new girlfriend, the one he cheated on her with. If this isn't a bad day I don't know what is but in walks Walker and just to prove to her ex she is over him Trinity introduces herself by kissing the stuffing out of him. 

I did enjoy this book because it was very different from James' other series. The heroine has this spunky edge to her and I just loved her humor. Walker was a different kind of hero, he actually wanted to find the one and settle down which I thought was great since most heroes are usually running the other way. 

I also enjoyed the reality of giving out fake names and numbers. I mean lets be honest we all did that at one point in time to keep the weirdos away but I love how James incorporated that into this story and how Walker had to deal with it. 

While this couple had the fun and flirty banter going on I was more interested in what would become of them. They seemed like two very different people but when they were together it felt like they have known each other for years. James had some great references included in this story that I couldn't help chuckle at. Some lines were on the cheesy side but they never took away from what was actually going on. 

Just what I needed was a sweet romantic read that had a touch of comedy. While this series might be different from her other series one thing stays the same and that's the way James can tell a story. 

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