Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: One Size Fits All by Stephanie Haefner



One Size Fits All is I believe the third book in this series by Haefner and it picks up where Size Matters ended. If you haven't read Size Matters don't worry this could be read as standalone. 

In the last book Penny finds out her husband is cheating on her and he got her pregnant when they were trying for a family of their own. While Penny didn't need to work because her husband had money she needed something to fill the time while her husband was at work so she started working. 

This book starts out with Penny on her own and waiting on the final divorce papers to sign. She realizes for the first time she is truly on her own and must cut back in spending. While she works in the sex store things are finally starting to pick up there but slowly her job is changing and so is she. 

While I did like this book a little better then the previous one I still didn't fall in love with the storyline or its characters. Penny is going through her personal changes and her friends should be there instead they take advantage of her niceness and leave her basically alone.... Not cool. As the story begins to progress their friendship puts more of a strain on Penny along with them basically giving someone new her job so she feels a little left out and it's kind of on the depressing side. I needed less emotional baggage and more romance and humor. 

There were some cute moments but they were far and few in between.  This story has some romance but I found it mostly about Penny and her emotional baggage. Is ready to move on or is she not. Then of course her ex showing back up was pretty predictable. 

She meets Thor who is a Pe teacher/ bouncer when she is out with her friends one night. Of course he's hot but again Penny isn't so sure she is ready to move but these two beginning dating and take it slow. But when Penny is faced with Thor's promiscuous past Penny must decide if she can trust him or just cut her losses. 

I did enjoy the ending and how Thor and Penny finally got their HEA. Also making up with two closest friends was great but on the other side maybe Penny should start looking for better friends. 

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