Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review: Downtown Devil by Cara McKenna


Holy Hotness!!!! Okay so honestly speaking this is my first book by McKenna and after reading Downtown Devil I am happy to say I am now a fan! This is the second book in the Sins in the City series and after this I will definitely going back to read book one. Be warned this book is a M/M/F story that will set you on fire!! 

Normally I tend to stay away from these types of books and really focus on the sweet romance ones but I really got into this one. The characters were so real I felt like I could touch them and I really wanted to touch Mica and Vaughn. Lol. Clare wants to find herself and it just so happens she met the right man, Mica who is willing to help her out. What starts off as a fling turns into steamy nights and then Vaughn is thrown into the mix and bam this erotic story just took off. 

I really liked how open and honest Clare was written. McKenna did an excellent job on not only making her embrace what she wanted but didn't make her the slutty kind of heroine that I usually can't stand. As far as Mica and Vaughn go they are just both swoon worthy. While they might be best friends they are both different but that just made them stand out even more in my eyes. 

The scenes between these three are steamy, detailed and seriously heat up the pages. If you're looking for a steamy read to add to your TBR I highly recommend Downtown Devil. 

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