Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Gone Too Deep by Katie Ruggle


Every once in a while I come across a series that frustrates me and the Search and Rescue series continues to do that to me but for some reason I can't stop from reading this books. This is a series I highly recommend reading in order due to the fact the story is an ongoing one and continues through each book but it looks like end might be coming up! 

For a little back in book one Lou finds a deceased male who is headless while she is training. They are unable to identify the man and who actually committed this crime. During the first two it's a lot of ground work on uncovering who this man was and the number of suspects grows. Now each book also has a romance that blooms and other danger that may or may not have anything to do with the dead guy. 

In Gone too Deep we finally know who he is and why he was killed but the killer(s) are still unknown. The romance in this book revolves around George who works for search and rescue and is damn good at his job and Ellie who is from the big city who comes into town to find her father who has a mental illness. These two are as different as night and day yet they form some kind of connection that leads to them falling hard for one another. 

George is hot and built like a lumberjack but the issue I had with him is that the man hardly speaks! George had very limited dialogue during the story which really didn't help me get to know him or understand why Ellie liked him. The grunts and facial expressions just didn't work for me. What I did like about George is that he's a virgin and finally gets his first kiss that sends him falling for Ellie and hard. That moment was actually my favorite in this read. 

Ellie definitely brought personality to the story. She bright, determined and really did have a good heart. Ellie is set to find her father and in the process of trying to locate him her and George run into some danger but don't worry it has everything to do with the dead guy who was found in book one. 

Towards the end it seems like this story is finally and I mean finally getting ready to give me the answers on who did it and the outlook is surprising! Each book ends in a cliffhanger which can be a good or bad thing depending how into those you are. All I know now is that I'm ready to have this murder wrapped up so maybe I could enjoy the romance portion a little more. In Safe Hands is the next book in the series and what surprised me on the blurb is no hero is named! So whose book is it? Is this the ending? Who will be killer? These are questions  I need answered so I'm looking forward to finally getting my hand on that one. 

If you like mysteries and suspense with hint of romance you won't want to miss any books in the search and rescue series!

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