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HEAVY HITTERS Guest Post & Giveaway with Taylor V. Donovan

His toughest opponent is himself.

Caribbean Tales #1
Taylor V. Donovan
Releasing June 24th, 2016

His toughest opponent is himself.

World Boxing Champion Santino MalavĂ© González has been fighting since he was a kid. Poverty, domestic violence, and emotional abuse were early contenders. Guilt and self-loathing were beaten into him at an impressionable age, and now machismo, an integral part of the Latino culture, rules his life. In the ring he’s undefeated. Outside the ropes life constantly hits him below the belt. It takes a sucker punch from his best friend to finally knock the denial out of him and force him to face his true nature like a real man.

A natural born entertainer, Luca Jenaro Betancur Ferrer has grown up serving God, performing, pursuing a career in music, and celebrating life among his tight-knit Catholic family under the scorching Puerto Rican sun. Singing the wrong note on stage is not a mistake the multi-platinum award-winning singer would ever allow. Falling in love with a man is not a transgression his devout family may ever accept. The ties that bind him are strong, but the pull toward his childhood best friend may just be enough to tear it all to shreds.

Anger, mistakes, bigotry, and the need to conform put up a good fight throughout their life journeys. Their religious and chauvinistic society constantly challenges their pursuit of happiness, and only time will tell if their relationship will survive the battles, or if they’ll lose each other by technical knockout. 

*Standalone Gay Romance Saga

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Guest Post

Hello, everyone!

My name is Taylor V. Donovan and I’m an author of gay romance and suspense. Those of you who have read my work already know my stories are mostly inspired by everyday situations. For those of you who have yet to read my work and have absolutely no clue what to expect, I’ll tell you that realism is my “thing.” There’s no magic penis that’ll cure anything and everything, but my characters are full of love, commitment, hope, and determination to be happy. Also, making my readers part of my characters’ journey is my main goal. The ride is never a quick or easy, but hopefully you’ll feel emotionally invested. J

As you may or may not know, I was on hiatus for a while, but I *finally* have a new story coming out. Heavy Hitters has a release date of June 24th. Thank you for having me over and giving me a platform to introduce myself and announce the release. Hope you all check it out!

And now I leave you with an excerpt from Heavy Hitters J

“I’m tired of arguing with you,” he grunted, cupping Luca’s junk with his hand, “so I’m going to give you what I can and—”

“Did you already forget that I’m not interested in hand jobs unless kisses are also included?”

“—you’re going to take it and be happy with it, and you’re going to stop thinking about going our separate ways,” Santi snapped.

“Take what you can give me and be happy with it?” Luca shoved him off and turned around in the blink of an eye. “Do I look that desperate to you?” he snarled. “Do you really believe I’m the kind of pathetic loser that would settle for scraps just because I’m in love with you?”

Santi wiped his eyes with his hand. “I never said that!”

Face red and nostrils flaring, Luca opened his pants, lowered his boxer briefs, and exposed himself.

“Oh God…” Santi’s gaze dropped to Luca’s groin.

He’d seen Luca’s cock a few times, but never that close when Luca was fully aroused, and not once after they kissed. Santi wasn’t prepared for the effect that looking at that veiny, dark red, hard as a club, pulsating, weeping at the tip, mouthwatering piece of meat would have on him.

He refused to think about the time he’d come in his shorts from just looking at Luca’s flaccid dick.


Santi’s heart ached. His breath quickened. His body temperature went up by a thousand degrees at the very least, and all his blood rushed into his cock.

“Fuck me, man,” he groaned.

Luca chuckled darkly. “And here I thought you’d be a top.”

Ignoring the taunt, Santi fought off the urge to drop to his knees and take the flared head of Luca’s swollen cock into his mouth.

Every muscle in his body was rigid from so much wanting and resisting. His head, neck, balls, and even his butt cheeks ached, probably because he hadn’t stopped clenching his ass since Luca assumed he wanted to get fucked.

Santi rubbed his face with a trembling hand. “Shit… shit… shit.”

The idea of having his body invaded in such a perverted way was scary yet thrilling. It made him weak in the knees and nauseous at the same time, and he knew he should run for the hills before he did something that would irrevocably alter the course of his life.

He stood exactly where he was.

He wanted Luca to push him on his back and plow his ass right. The. Fuck. Now.

“You see this?” Luca asked quietly. “I’m so hard I could pound nails. There’s this little place between my balls and my asshole that’s throbbing, and I’m leaking precum by the boatload.” Luca’s voice was harsh, but his face was flushed, and his eyes were blazing, and he was visibly shaking from head to toe. “That’s because you were touching me—because I’m gay and your body and scent get me going. It’s because I’m dying to be with you at least once, church and eternal damnation be damned, but you know what? I’d rather castrate myself than accept that fucked up offer you threw my way. I deserve better than that.”

“Fine,” Santi spat out as he stepped forward. “Go ahead and shove your tongue down my throat and lick my fucking tonsils if that’s what you want, but you will stop treating me like I’m yesterday’s trash.”

Luca took a step forward of his own. “Oh, are we negotiating now?” They stood so close, his breath fanned Santi’s face, and their chests touched. 

“We’re doing whatever it takes to get back to the way we were.”

“The way we were, when?” A pained expression flashed in Luca’s eyes. “Are we talking about three hours ago or back when you were still truthful with me?”

Santi gulped. “I’ve never lied to you about anything.”  

“And I have never treated you like trash,” Luca fumed.

Santi lifted his chin, all of a sudden hating the two inches Luca had on him. “You did it five minutes ago.”


“By trying to throw me out of your life the second I made it clear I’m not like you!”

Luca raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you?” After retreating a few steps, he grabbed the base of his cock and swiped his thumb over his slit, gathering a few drops of precum. He then started stroking back and forth, his foreskin repeatedly teasing his glans…his actions wreaking havoc on Santi’s self-control. “Then why is watching me work myself making you harder than you already were?”

“Hormones,” Santi grunted, palming his own cock.

“More like an impetus reaction to visual stimulation,” Luca retorted, widening his stance and holding his nuts with his other hand. “You think this is hot, don’t you?”

“No,” Santi croaked.

“Yeah…you do.” Luca licked his lips and glanced at Santi’s cock before locking eyes with him. “You might even think I am hot.”

Santi opened his mouth and closed it again, then finally asked the question that was bothering him the most. “When did you become so damn shameless?”

“If by shameless you mean allergic to bullshit, then I’d say it was at some point today between your acting all possessive and eyeing me like you’re starving and I’m a five-course-meal,” Luca snapped.

“You’re trying to seduce me,” Santi accused.

“Can you blame me?” Luca smiled sideways. “You’re cute.”  

“You don’t sound like a celibate Catholic boy. In fact, you sound like you know what you’re doing.” Santi rubbed his face and braced himself for Luca’s answer. “Do you?”

Luca flashed him what probably was the smuggest smile in the world. Suspicion spread inside Santi like acid. It corroded his common sense at alarming speed. “Have you been with anyone?”

Luca narrowed his eyes and rolled his shoulders. “What’s it to you?”

“Answer me.” Santi didn’t think he’d ever felt so violent in his life. “I’m asking you again—have you been with a man?”

“Jealousy looks good on you, pai.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s the sweetest guy in the world... to those lucky enough to truly know him.” Santi gulped. Luca’s words cut him to the core. “He’s generous…honorable…a true survivor.” Santi stepped back. Luca grabbed him by the arm. “He can be unbelievably dense, and God knows he can make me so mad, I want to smash his head against a wall sometimes. He’s far from perfect, but he means the world to me, and I admire the shit out of him.”

“Sounds like a goddamn prince.” Santi yanked his arm from Luca’s grip and paced in front of him…rubbed his face…paced some more. “Did you fuck him? Did he fuck you?” He tried to get his temper under control, but ultimately succumbed to the anger, confusion, and envy ravaging his gut and got up in Luca’s face. “Did you let that pendejo touch you all over and come in your mouth?”

“I’ve let him come in my mouth, on my face, in my ass…" Luca leaned forward and licked Santi’s lower lip. “I’ve explored him from head to toe with my hands and my lips, and I’ve let him fuck me through the mattress more times than I can count.” Santi didn’t move as Luca pecked him on the cheek, his cut eyebrow, and his nose. He stopped breathing when Luca looked him in the eye intently, like he was trying to transmit a message, and he almost wept when he noticed Luca hadn’t stopped stroking his cock. “But it’s all been in my head,” Luca whispered, “because he’s set on making me believe he doesn’t want me that way.”

About the Author

Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of gay romance and suspense. She is optimistically cynical about humanity and a lover of history, museums, and all things 80s. She shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television, is crazy about fashion, and passionate about civil rights and equality for all.

When she’s not writing or making a living in the busiest city in the world, Taylor can be found raising her two daughters and their terribly misbehaved furry baby in their home.

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