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WITHOUT BORDERS Tour & Giveaway with Amanda Heger

Without Borders

A Wanderlove Novel

By: Amanda Heger
Releasing April 19, 2016  

Diversion Books

For Annie London, a month in a Central American rainforest means handing out mosquito nets, giving medical aid, and teaching children about the birds and the bees. With any luck, it will also land her application in the “accepted” pile at a top tier medical school. But as soon as she steps off the plane, Annie realizes her bug spray, feeble Spanish, and medical supplies won’t help her deal with her new feelings for Felipe—her best friend's older brother, who's much hotter than she remembers, and who also happens to be the doctor in charge of the trip.

Gawking “volun-tourists” may keep his family’s medical clinic afloat, but Dr. Felipe Gutierrez doesn’t have to like them. Or the way they make snap judgments about his practice and the people he cares for. But when his old crush, Annie, shows up to volunteer, her killer curves and kind smile fan the embers of a flame Felipe didn’t realize he’d been carrying. A flame that makes him question all his preconceived notions.

As ideas and cultures clash, Annie and Felipe must decide how far outside their comfort zones they are willing to go—both for their work and for one another.

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Guest post:
Five Ways Traveling Abroad is Exactly Like Falling in Love for the First Time

There aren’t many things I adore as much as traveling. The anticipation, the adventure, the sights and smells and sounds. It’s like falling in love for the first time, but without the awkward “Mom, I need to go on birth control” conversation. 

Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons traveling is just like a first love.

1.  You try new things. 
Traveling means getting out of your comfort zones and welcoming adventure. “Yes,” you say. “I can walk through this parking lot full of baboons. No problem.” 

Falling in love for the first time means trying lots of exciting things. *wink*

Of course, both come with risks. Maybe the baboons will tear you limb-from-limb. Maybe your mom will catch a glimpse of that hickey and tear you limb-from-limb. But the risk is part of the adventure, right?

2. Half the fun is in the anticipation.
That first time you fall in love, you spend half your life thinking about the other person. Will they call? Where will you go on Friday night? How far are you willing to take things? 

When travel is on the horizon, you spend half your life thinking about the trip. What should you pack? Should you do the zip line or the waterfall hike? Have you had all your vaccines? 

And maybe when the trip comes or the big date night arrives, things will be awkward or uncomfortable or not everything you’d hoped for. But those heart-fluttering moments of excitement beforehand make it all worthwhile. 

3. You annoy the shit out of your friends.
“I hate checking bags,” you whine. And in the next breath, “Do you think I should pack another pair of shoes?” Your friends roll their eyes and continue their conversation about polar bears and global warming. 

“I hate her,” you whine. And in the next breath, “Why doesn’t she just call me back?” Your friends roll their eyes and continue their conversation about the evils of filling out the FAFSA form and the cost of higher education.

Luckily—if you have good friends—they’ll remind you it’ll all work out one way or another. (And then they’ll buy you drinks until you stop talking about the trip/guy/girl at issue.)

4. You can’t believe it’s actually happening.
You stare at his messy hair and five o’clock shadow and wonder how you got so lucky. You laugh and share secrets and fall asleep thinking about that goodnight kiss.
You stare at the volcanoes and watch monkeys fling themselves through the trees. You wonder how you got so lucky. You laugh and share meals with strangers and fall asleep excited about what tomorrow will bring.

5. When it’s over, you’re a better person.
Yeah, that day you spent downing Imodium like candy was rough. And those blisters on your feet aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But with time, those painful moments fade. Weeks or months or years later, the time you spent on horseback is more memorable than the time you spent on the toilet. You feel energized and excited about life, and you can’t wait to do it all over again.

Yeah, that screaming matching was horrible. And you aren’t ever going to forget the way your stomach knotted in on itself when he said “We need to talk.” But with time, those painful moments fade. Weeks or months or years later, the time you spent eating ice cream in the park is more memorable than all the times you ate your feelings. You remember those first moments with a smile, and you can’t wait to do it all over again.

Author Info

Amanda Heger is a writer, attorney, and bookworm. She lives in the Midwest with three unruly rescue dogs and a husband who encourages her delusions of grandeur.
Her debut romance, Without Borders, is forthcoming from Diversion Books. The story was inspired by the summer Amanda spent in rural Nicaragua, eating gallo pinto, speaking mangled Spanish, and showing high school students how to slide condoms onto over-sized plantains.
Her stories are represented by Jessica Watterson of the Dijkstra Literary Agency.

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