Sunday, April 24, 2016

Review: Wish Upon a Wedding (Cricket Creek #10) by Luann McLane


A little lie leads to delicious complications in the latest Cricket Creek romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Written in the Stars.
Heartbroken handyman Avery Dean can’t get away from his ex—who just happens to be the maid of honor in his sister’s upcoming wedding. As the best man, Avery has to grin and bear his sister’s misguided attempts to get them back together, until the perfect excuse presents itself in a pretty out-of-towner.

With her time in Cricket Creek, Kentucky, coming to an end, hair stylist Sophia Gordon can’t deny the town’s charms, or her attraction to Avery Dean. That’s why she finds herself saying yes to dinner, and then, a wedding date.

Sophia agrees to be Avery’s pretend girlfriend until the big day is over, but when their make-believe fling shows signs of real passion, Sophia starts to wonder if staying in Cricket Creek could make all her wishes come true.
Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: May 3rd 2016 by Signet
This is my first book by McLane and also book number ten in this series and honestly it started out a bit on the slow side for me. I'm not sure if i feel that way because I haven't read the previous books or not but I will definitely want to start this series from the beginning one of these days.

Once the book started to pick up I got more a feel for the characters and really began to like the town of Cricket Creek. Again since I didn't read the previous books I got the feeling that Avery and Sophia knew each other in previous one to Wish Upon a Wedding. Sophia is only in town a short while to help out her family and her and Avery have become friends. Avery is trying to move on from his ex but with his sisters wedding coming up and her trying to get them back together he needs a date. When their fake relationship takes a turn to real it's not a surprise to them since they both have a thing for one another.

As I continued to read I really started to like Avery and Sophia more then I thought I would. They were both great individuals and really got along quite well. I did like how Sophia wasn't a push over when it came to dealing with Ashley who is Avery's ex.

This story also had a side love story between Carrie Ann and Easton. Normally I don't enjoy side love stories because I feel the two main characters need all the pages but this one didn't bother me. They are an older couple who started a late in life romance but they had really great chemistry. And their story really ties in with Avery and Sophia's.

The one thing I couldn't keep up with were all the side characters. Because this is book ten I expected as much but I still couldn't keep everyone straight at times.

One of my favorite parts is when Sophia gets stuck in the washing machine and Avery comes to her rescue. It was a honestly a cute and funny part.

I didn't totally fall in love with this book but I did enjoy it until the very end. I was completely over the moon how this couples HEA turned out.

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