Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Arc Review: Only You by Rachel Lacey

"He was her first. But will he be her last?"

Amy Jameson has one priority these days: her eight-year-old autistic son. Everything else will just have to wait, including her love life. When she agrees to let a friend hold her wedding in Amy's backyard, she may have bitten off more than she can chew, especially when the man who shows up to help her get the place ready is none other than the only man she's ever loved, Luke Benson.

Luke has always considered Amy "the one that got away." He loved her and lost her back in high school, but when he returns to his hometown of Dogwood, North Carolina, for a friend's wedding, he finds himself falling right back into her arms. He walked away once and broke her heart, but he wants to prove that he's a different man now, a better man, the kind of man who will love her forever.

A second chance at love story? Yes please! I was so excited that Lacey gave Amy her own story. 

Amy runs into Luke years after the both moved on from being sweethearts. In the time they were apart they both moved on with their lives but now Luke is back for his friends wedding and he's single. Amy is also single but her first priority is her son, Noah. 

Luke starts to help Amy get her house ready for their friends wedding but the more time Luke spends with Amy and Noah the more he falls for them. I loved seeing how much Luke not only cared for Amy but how he was connecting with Noah. He didn't second guess on wanting to hang out with him and let him into his heart. 

Novellas are usually hit or miss with me it's either not long enough because I'm into the characters or it doesn't have enough information to even get to know them. This one was one of the ones I didn't want to end and wish it would have been a full length novel. Bummer lol but I was glad Luke and Amy did get a HEA. 

This story was well written, sweet and had lots of cute moments that I couldn't get enough of. This novella could be read as standalone which makes it so great but getting to know these characters from the beginning of the series just makes this novella more fun. 

If you like small town romances with a sexy hero who is a doctor and a single mom wanting a second chance with her first love I definitely recommend this title!

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