Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review: The Player Next Door by Kathy Lyons

The Player Next DoorThe Player Next Door by Kathy Lyons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really adored this story and it was so fun to read. Mike and Tori were absolutely perfect for one another although they were so different. I couldn't help laughing throughout this book. It was truly a treat to read.

Mike is a basketball player who is recovering from a shoulder injury when he saves his next door neighbor Tori from falling to her death from the roof next door. Although people think she is a blonde ditz she has a Phd and is super sweet.

Tori proposes a summer fling while she is fixing up that house she inherited and while Mike is recovering. Before you know it these two can't keep away from one another even though Mike does try. These two have so many funny scenes I was almost in tears from laughing so much.

One of my favorite parts is when she handcuffs him in pink cuffs and her dad comes for a visit. She has the key and the whole time Mike is praying they don't come back together and see him. Toni actually introduced them while he was handcuffed to a chair. Omg I couldn't stop laughing.

I loved Tori's family even though they all were a little crazy but it made the story between these two more eventful. Even though Tori is the way she is Mike finds her not only amusing but he gets her and they have fun together. He is all about basketball but somehow Tori works her way into his heart and they just are both perfectly matched.

I have never read a book by Lyons before but if they all are like this, trust me they will all be on my tbr. The writing was great, the characters I just adored and the road to romance was worth the wait. If you love a great romance story with humor this is the book for you. You will not be disappointed. It was a fun read!

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