Sunday, July 26, 2015

Arc Review: Falling Under by Lauren Dane

Falling Under (Ink & Chrome, #2)Falling Under by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dane writes another compelling story that adds to a truly addictive series!

Duke is co owner of Twisted Steel and has secretly been crushing on his sexy redheaded neighbor Carmella since she has moved next door. Twisted steels office manager is moving and has given her weeks notice. Duke decides to approach Carmella and offer her a job which she accepts since she had been out of work.

Carmella also has a crush on Duke but since she is now his employee she knows nothing can happen because it might turn weird. When these two finally give in to one another the chemistry is explosive and these two have it bad.

Dane always writes interesting and challenging characters but I have to say I think these two are my favorite. You can see Duke can be the bad boy type but when he is with Carmella he has a whole other side. Carmella is strong and has family and trust issues but once she starts opening up to Duke you can see they just click.

They both bond basically over family issues and try to help each other out. We all know relationships are perfect and these two show that with the little fights they have but when they make up and come back together it's super sweet and hot.

Dane again out does herself with a plot that kept me interested from the very beginning. The characters are interesting and let's face it the sex scenes are hot!

None of the characters are rushed into getting married. They are just focused on making it work and taking it one step at time. I hope in future books there will be some weddings and babies. Hopefully maybe we will also get a book about Carmella's cousin since he makes appearances in the first two books.

I was happy that we also got to know Mike a little bit more in this book and so excited his book is next! If you haven't started this series I suggest you get caught up in Twisted Steel because more is to come.

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