Friday, October 15, 2010

Tainted by Julie Kenner

When i first saw this book I was so unsure if I could get sucked into ,but that just proved me wrong because getting sucked in wasn't the problem. The problem was putting the book down.

Lily Carlyle has died protecting her sister. Now given a second chance of life. Lily can earn her way into Paradise by becoming an assassin for the forces of good. It's the job Lily believes she can do, but she doesn't realize that she may not be able to get out. Lily has come choices to make which will she choose?

My Thoughts:

From the beginning i was really curious how this book would play out. Lily is strong and doesn't pretend to be Lily White. Since she has died protecting her sister she was given a second chance and now is making the best of the choices. Lily ends up going through some changes and getting used to this new life she was given. Now she is an assassin fighting against demons from the dark side. The book has a lot of action that made it a suspenseful read. I found myself questioning other characters in the story and wondering what was true or not because something was off. Towards the end of the book everything Lily thinks turns out to be wrong and throws you for a nail bitter loop.

I am looking forward to continuing the series for sure and so glad I decided to get this book after all. I would recommend this book to all urban fantasy fans.This might be my first Julie Kenner book, but she has gained a new fan. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series Torn.

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