Monday, January 24, 2011

Strong, Sleek and Sinful by Lorie O'Clare

I wasn't really to sure about his book. I had read the first one and caught my attention right away nut this not so much. Then finally getting into it, I had a hard time putting it down. I loved how close to home it hit these characters.  I love the whole Alpha male thing as well. Perry is a hot one at that. This is one steamy hot action packed read, one that will keep you interested and not being able to turn the pages fast enough. A killer a waits...

In this book Kylie is posing as a collage student to help bring down a man that kidnapping teens and killing them. Well let me tell you it sure surprised me when I found out who. Kylie is an outstanding FBI agent. Kylie happens to befriend Perry's nieces. And this is only to help her in write a thesis on teens, but Kylie begins to really care for the girls. From here the story just seems to suck you in. She wont be able to hide who she really is much longer.

Lieutenant Perry finds a teen porn site and whats to put a end to it once and for all. When Perry sees Kylie at the school he is attracted to her right away. When Perry sees her with his nieces he doesn’t trust her and it just so happens she shows no signs of  being a collage student. Finding out who Kylie really is will be tricky.  Will Perry be able to handle Kylie, his nieces plus this case?
I loved how all the characters all came together even the bad ones. It keeps you guessing and guessing what will happen next. Their isn't way to much romance going on just lots of tension and attraction. And of course   getting tangled in the sheets. Now things are passed complicated whose heart is more at risk of being broken?

Such a great read. I am hoping there will be some more hot FBI agent books being released by the fantastic Lorie O' Clare.

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