Monday, January 24, 2011

Mount Up by Melissa Ecker

Now so far this book is my favorite in the series. Luke is to freaking die for. *swoons*  I just have this thing for sexy cowboys!

Mount Up is the second book in the Memory Grove series. In this installment we get to meet Natalie who is a ER  Doctor and Luke who just happens to be rodeo cowboy. Who would have thought that two different people could fall so hard under each others spell like they did.

Natalie accepted a residency in Arkansas and now she is staying. There are somethings she is still trying to work but after she meets Luke, he captivates not only her body but her mind as well. Luke is a local star in the rodeo crowd and everyone in his town loves him. After Luke gets hurt he is taken to the ER where Natalie works. She keeps cool and calm while treating this cowboy even though all of the nurses are fighting to help her take care of Luke. From the first time Luke lays eyes on her he is interested but can’t figure out why she doesn't fall head over heels for his charm.

Ecker gives you nail biting attraction and hot sex with a cowboy. When they finally get to know each other and there relation progresses the story just gets better and better. I loved the fact she made it a reality scenario so it wasn't far fetched. I loved the way they had to deal with everyday issues such as jealousy, anger, fear and the past.It was so easy to connect to both of them. I wish it never had to end because Luke is just too hot. I loved Mount Up and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, Feed the Fire.

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